Why You NEED to Eat More AND Workout to Build Muscle And Gain Weight

Hey guys,

In this week's newsletter I decided to answer another "KILLER" question that I got from one of your fellow subscribers.

Today's newsletter will reveal why you NEED to workout if you're trying to gain weight and build muscle.

So here's the "Killer" question that sparked today's newsletter post:


hello I watch your video and it really helped but I still have one question. Can I still gain weight eating eggs if I don't exercise?

thank you,

Navid...(Nick name I'll use for our friend)


I know it's a rather short question but there is a BIG problem assoicated with it.

After reading this question I realized that our friend Navid.. isn't familiar with the muslce building formula and the crucial role exercising plays when you're trying to build muscle (especially if you're a naturally skinny guy or hard gainer.

And I realized if one of my subscribers had this question then AT LEAST 20 others or more, possibly even you had this question in some way shape or form.

So before I get into the meat and potatoes of WHY exercising is so darn important even though it's something alot of guys don't want to do either because they're not used to working out, they find the idea of being "the skinny guy" in the gym intimidating (trust me I've been there), or they're just too lazy, I want to go over my muscle building formula first and foremost.

Everything I do to build muscle and everything i teach comes from this formula so it's VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

Here's my muscle building formula:

Proper Nutrition + Proper Workouts + Proper Recovery = MASSIVE MUSCLE GAINS

Yes, you need ALL 3 components to get to the end of the equation (Massive Muscle Gains). If one is missing, it won't work. Trust me on this one, you need them ALL to get the results you want.

So now that you know the formula, let's dive in to why you NEED to workout in order to build muscle.

First, I want you to notice what's at the beginning of the equation, "Proper Nutrition". Proper Nutrition is important and you should look to start with your nutrition plan which includes what  foods to eat, when to eat it and how often to eat it before you move onto the other components.

Proper Nutrition is a whole other section in itself and would take way too long to explain why it's SOOO important to building muscle as well. But for the sake of this newsletter I'm going to put Proper Nutrition in the simplest terms as possible.

In order to build muscle you need to consume more calories than your body burns. So let's say your body burns 2,000 calories just to get through the day, you're going to want to consume MORE than 2,000 calories EACH day if you want to build muscle (somewhere between 2,500 - 3,000 calories would be a good range to shoot for).

So in short, if you want to build muscle you'll have to consume EXTRA calories daily. (there's much more to take into consideration but this is the simplest way to explain it)

So now that you know the role nutrition plays, here's why you NEED to workout if you want to build muscle.

It's real simple actually.

Your workouts tell your body what to do with all those extra calories you're consuming.

See when you workout (the right way) you're literally wearing, tearing and damaging your muscles to the point where your body says "Holy crap I better make these muscles stronger" so that the next time your muscles are exposed to such stress it can handle it better and get through it without getting damaged so much.

Read my previous post for my Tornado and House example to understand how your workouts effect your body.


What if you don't work out and you consume extra calories each day?

The simple answer is:

A) It'll get rid of it / speed up your metabolism and burn it off

B) Convert it into fat

C) Convert some of it into muscle

It really depends on your genetics and where most of those calories come from (i.e. junk food like "chips and soda" or whole foods like "whole grains and lean meats") that'll dictate what your body does with those extra calories IF you don't workout.

If you're a naturrally skinny guy odds are your body WILL NOT convert those extra calories to muscle UNLESS you tell it to through properly designed workouts.

If you're a naturally skinny guy then odds are your body will get rid of those extra calories or in most cases convert it to fat. That's why some skinny guys get that "skinny - fat " look. It's basically a skinny guy with a pot belly or beer belly type stomach.

And I know ALOT of guys who suffer from this.

So if you plan on building muscle as a naturally skinny PLEASE do proper workouts along with consuming extra calories each day to get the results you want. Because if you don't tell your body what to do with those extra calories you're consuming, it's just going to pick one on it's own. And just to let you know, building muscle is at the end of your body's "To Do" list.

I hope this post helps our friend Navid and anyone else who had this question at one point in time as well.

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