Why You NEED to Eat More AND Workout to Build Muscle And Gain Weight

Hey guys,

In this week's newsletter I decided to answer another "KILLER" question that I got from one of your fellow subscribers.

Today's newsletter will reveal why you NEED to workout if you're trying to gain weight and build muscle.

So here's the "Killer" question that sparked today's newsletter post:


hello I watch your video and it really helped but I still have one question. Can I still gain weight eating eggs if I don't exercise?

thank you,

Navid...(Nick name I'll use for our friend)


I know it's a rather short question but there is a BIG problem assoicated with it.

After reading this question I realized that our friend Navid.. isn't familiar with the muslce building formula and the crucial role exercising plays when you're trying to build muscle (especially if you're a naturally skinny guy or hard gainer.

And I realized if one of my subscribers had this question then AT LEAST 20 others or more, possibly even you had this question in some way shape or form.

So before I get into the meat and potatoes of WHY exercising is so darn important even though it's something alot of guys don't want to do either because they're not used to working out, they find the idea of being "the skinny guy" in the gym intimidating (trust me I've been there), or they're just too lazy, I want to go over my muscle building formula first and foremost.

Everything I do to build muscle and everything i teach comes from this formula so it's VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

Here's my muscle building formula:

Proper Nutrition + Proper Workouts + Proper Recovery = MASSIVE MUSCLE GAINS

Yes, you need ALL 3 components to get to the end of the equation (Massive Muscle Gains). If one is missing, it won't work. Trust me on this one, you need them ALL to get the results you want.

So now that you know the formula, let's dive in to why you NEED to workout in order to build muscle.

First, I want you to notice what's at the beginning of the equation, "Proper Nutrition". Proper Nutrition is important and you should look to start with your nutrition plan which includes what  foods to eat, when to eat it and how often to eat it before you move onto the other components.

Proper Nutrition is a whole other section in itself and would take way too long to explain why it's SOOO important to building muscle as well. But for the sake of this newsletter I'm going to put Proper Nutrition in the simplest terms as possible.

In order to build muscle you need to consume more calories than your body burns. So let's say your body burns 2,000 calories just to get through the day, you're going to want to consume MORE than 2,000 calories EACH day if you want to build muscle (somewhere between 2,500 - 3,000 calories would be a good range to shoot for).

So in short, if you want to build muscle you'll have to consume EXTRA calories daily. (there's much more to take into consideration but this is the simplest way to explain it)

So now that you know the role nutrition plays, here's why you NEED to workout if you want to build muscle.

It's real simple actually.

Your workouts tell your body what to do with all those extra calories you're consuming.

See when you workout (the right way) you're literally wearing, tearing and damaging your muscles to the point where your body says "Holy crap I better make these muscles stronger" so that the next time your muscles are exposed to such stress it can handle it better and get through it without getting damaged so much.

Read my previous post for my Tornado and House example to understand how your workouts effect your body.


What if you don't work out and you consume extra calories each day?

The simple answer is:

A) It'll get rid of it / speed up your metabolism and burn it off

B) Convert it into fat

C) Convert some of it into muscle

It really depends on your genetics and where most of those calories come from (i.e. junk food like "chips and soda" or whole foods like "whole grains and lean meats") that'll dictate what your body does with those extra calories IF you don't workout.

If you're a naturrally skinny guy odds are your body WILL NOT convert those extra calories to muscle UNLESS you tell it to through properly designed workouts.

If you're a naturally skinny guy then odds are your body will get rid of those extra calories or in most cases convert it to fat. That's why some skinny guys get that "skinny - fat " look. It's basically a skinny guy with a pot belly or beer belly type stomach.

And I know ALOT of guys who suffer from this.

So if you plan on building muscle as a naturally skinny PLEASE do proper workouts along with consuming extra calories each day to get the results you want. Because if you don't tell your body what to do with those extra calories you're consuming, it's just going to pick one on it's own. And just to let you know, building muscle is at the end of your body's "To Do" list.

I hope this post helps our friend Navid and anyone else who had this question at one point in time as well.

If you'd like to ask me a question leave a comment below or shoot me an email at Richard [at] buildmusclechallenge.com and I'll try my best to answer your question ASAP.

Please keep in mind I get TONS of emails and messages, so it may take a while for me to get to your specific question.

Only if you're interested, if you get your DVD Casestudy and Step By Step Action Plan when I release it I'm going to provide you with a 30 min. 1-on-1 coaching session FREE of charge so that I can answer ALL of your *BURNING* questions, see what you're doing wrong and create a game plan for you so you can start seeing results IMMEDIATELY.

If you're interested and would rather hop on the phone with me for a 1-on-1 coaching session rather than wait for me to get to your question via email which takes rather long due to my BUSY schedule then click the link below and sign up for my DVD Casestudy waiting list so you'll be first to know once it's available so you can grab one of the limited spots available.

Click here to sign up for my DVD Waiting List

Don't forget to leave your comment below letting me know what you thought of today's newsletter and if you have any additional questions.

Take care and til next time,




Video 2 – Build Muscle Challenge For Hardgainers

Video 2 of our Build Muscle Challenge For Hardgainers is finally here.

Check it out below:

Ok, so prior to starting your weight training program from my point of view it's always best fir you perform AT LEAST 2 "Pre-Workout" Days.

These days are real important because they allow you to:

A. Know what are your optimal weights for each excercise.

B. Allows you to practice perfecting your FORM. (this is very important)

Proper Form will make or break your results. SERIOUSLY.

When you have the proper form:

A. Prevents Injuries
B. You're targetting the muscles you're supposed to effectively. (MORE MUSCLE GROWTH)
C. You'll get stronger faster.

(Do not begin training heavy until you know how to use proper form on ALL of your excercises) - You'll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don't.

Once you perform your Pre-Workouts and find your optimal weights and practiced your proper form then and only then is it time for you to GO AT IT!!!

If you're a hardgainer here are some "key" excercises you should focus on for MAXIMUM muscle gains.


Ther's all types of alternatives and variations to these excercises, just in case for some reason you can't perform one or two of them due to injury for example.

These excercises should be the foundation of your workouts if you want to gain muscle mass and add inches to your frame.

if you haven't done so, leave us a comment and let us know if this video helped you out or not, and if you have any questions.

We love feedback, in fact we feed off of it.

Also don't forget to subscribe to our channel so you'll be the first to know when we put out our hardgainer videos.

Hope this video helps.

And much more to come.


P.S. - Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/buildmusclechallenge

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The Top Hardgainer Workout Excercises – Do These to Build Muscle Fast

Man, I really wish I had my camera today.

Because today I saw something that really makes me cringe about building muscle and gaining size and weight especially for hardgainers like you and me.

So what did I see….????

Well, I saw a guy with some really MASSIVE arms. I’m talking “ripped”, chiseled, must spend hours at the gym arms that get alot of attention.

And then I looked down…

This guy had the legs of a 5th grader.

Now I know what you might be saying. “Rich, stop hatin’ on the guy”. And the truth is I’m not.
However you want to train your body is entirely up to you. But when you train your body completely lopsided, you’re gonna have to be prepared for the consequences. One of which is other people pointing it out.

But that’s not the point of today’s newsletter.

It’s actually to point out something that alot of guys struggling to gain weight and build muscle fail to see. And that’s “How to train to build muscle mass and size”.

In fact after reading this newsletter you’re going to find out how to build more muscle and build a better physique with less effort and faster than “your competition” ever could.

So first off don’t do what this guy did. And that’s basically “neglecting your lower body”. That’s a BIG NO NO.

The secret to building muscle quickly is by doing “Compound Exercises” which are exercises that build more than one part of your body. In particular you focus more so on those exercise that build your lower body as well as your upper body.

Think about it, if you were trying to put on the most amount of muscle possible, where would you focus your attention.

On your biggest muscles first right! And those are by far are your “Legs” and your “Back”. No other groups of muscles even come close.

Let me ask you a question to help put this into perspective.

“If you could grow any one of your muscles by 1% which muscle would you choose to grow to gain the most amount of weight and size?”

If you chose your legs or your back you’d be on your way to seeing some pretty impressive gains relatively fast.

And that’s because your legs and your back muscles are so big that a 1% increase out of a 50 lbs muscle (i.e. - your legs) is far greater than a 1% increase in a 5 lbs muscle (i.e. - your biceps)
And the good thing is, when you work out your legs and your back with compound exercises you’re also working out other parts of your body as well like your biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves, you name it.

Here’s by far the 4 most powerful exercises you can do to

    build muscle fast

as a hardgainer.

Top Hardgainer Workout Exercises:

The Squat
The Deadlift
The Barbell Row
The Bench Press

The muscles of your lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes - basically your LEGS) as well as your back are very large which means they can take on more stress than your other muscles.
The more stress you put on these big muscle groups the more (muscle building) testosterone your body will be able to produce to cope with the added stress.

And the more testosterone your body can produce the more muscles you’re going to build (PERIOD). As a result your body will naturally begin building more muscle ALL OVER than guys who just work out their upper body.

Which means you’ll get to your goal weight faster and with a better “balanced” looking physique than the rest of those “Top heavy” guys.

I’ve struggled with this way of thinking for years and after putting on some consistent gains I’ve finally added these four KEY exercises and the FOUNDATION of my workout routine.

And if you want consistent and fast muscle gains as well, I highly recommend you start focusing on your lower body with compound exercises as well.

Til next time,


P.S. - Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know if this blog post helped you, or if you have any questions, or need help with anything else.

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