How to Eat Massive Amounts Of Food Throughout The Day To Build Muscle Fast!


What's up,

Just got a great question and I wanted to share the answer with everyone because this is one of the reasons ALOT of guys don't gain the amount of muscle they want. And if you struggled with building muscle and putting on weight then you NEED to read this post

Here's the question:

"The thing i struggle most with is food. I try to eat more but my stomach gets full so i cant eat any more so i dont gain weight! Any advice or tips for that?"
- Dave

That's a damn good question Dave. It wasn't until I learned how my body works and how to eat more throughout the day that allowed me to start stacking on the muscle.

First lemme just go over the basics because they're so important yet alot of people fail to follow them.

In order to gain weight you NEED to eat more calories than your body burns on a daily basis. For example if your body burns 2,000 calories each day just to maintain itself. Then you should be eating above and beyond 2,000 calories EACH DAY in order to gain weight and build muscle. Why?

Well it takes approximately 3500 EXTRA calories to build new body mass. And I say body mass because depending on where those extra calories come from (i.e - from fats and bad carbs (like chips and soda) or from protein and good carbs (like tuna and whole wheat bread) will have the biggest impact on whether you body builds new muscle with those extra calories or store them as fat. So, if you do the math if you eat 500 EXTRA calories each day, you'll gain 1 pound a week.

So that's why being able to eat more food is extremely important if you want to gain weight and build muscle fast. If you want to build muscle fast you have to consume 3500 EXTRA calories for each pound you want to gain and and do it fast. And if you know how to eat MASSIVE amounts of food each day you can accomplish this in no time. (Being able to eat MASSIVE amounts of food is absolutely vital for skinny guys, hardgainers and those with a fast metabolism and anyone else who has a hard time putting on the pounds).

So How to eat more food throughout the day so I can grow massive?

Ok so here is your crash course in:


The Eat and Grow MASSIVE Action Plan


Step 1: Eat smaller "muscle building" meals.
Eat a small meal high in protein, moderately high in carbs and low in fat. A good break down I like to use is 40 / 40 / 20. Which means 40% of my calories come from protein, 40% from "good carbs" and 20% from fat. (Eat to comfortably to fill your stomach up but don't get it stuffed)

Step 2 - Eat a small "muscle building" meal every 2.5 to 3 hours
There are so many benefits to eating a small meal every 3 hours. Here's just a few:

Constant nourishment: When you eat every 3 hours your body can constantly provide nutrients to help your damaged muscles (from your workout) recover and build new muscle.

Faster Metabolism: Your body will begin to adapt to the constant stream of nourishment and will literally boost your metabolism to help you digest more food. if you already have a fast metabolism don't worry, since you're constantly providing the right nutrients to your body and eating massive amounts of food this boost in metabolism will actually help you build more muscle.

The most important gem to take away is to NEVER let your body go hungry. If your stomach is growling than your not eating frequently enough. If your stomach can't find food to draw energy and nutrients from than it will find it by breaking down your muscles (which will reverse everything you did in the gym), that's why it's important to NEVER let your stomach go hungry.

Step 3: Drink a tall glass of water immediately after your meal

Drinking a tall glass of water after each meal is absolutely crucial. Without H20 your body CANNOT digest food. And if you have your previous meal still sitting in your stomach when it's time for meal number 2 than guess what, you're stomach's gonna say "Sorry bud, I'm full come back later" and there goes those extra calories you need to consume to build muscle. Drinking a glass of water right after a meal will help speed up your digestion big time.
Step 4 - Drink another tall glass of water 1.5 hours after that.

Yep another glass of water is required. If you're worrying about being too full on water to eat your next meal, don't be. In all honesty you should be drinking this amount of water regularly, your body is made up of about 70% water, and demands it constantly. But once your body has used all the water necessary to digest it's last meal and maintain it's bodily functions, it's simply going to get rid of the excess water it doesn't need. Which means you're going to be "pissing" alot more than normal but that's ok because not only is your body properly hydrated but you also have more room in your stomach for your next "muscle building" meal.

Step 5 - Repeat daily

You have to constantly perform this routine daily and here's why. As your body adapts to the vast amounts of food and water you'll not only build more muscle but your body will naturally begin to crave more food. Before you know it, what used to fill you up will barely fill you up. Your body will start to demand more food and more nutrients from you and that's when the REAL muscle gains begin. But this can only be achieved if you repeat this routine daily.

Step 6 - Each week add more water until you're up to 2 cups in between meals

This is the goal you should work towards in the beginning. As you start building muscle and gaining weight your body WILL demand more nutrients from you. The more food you consume the more water you'll have to consume to properly digest it. So remember the more you eat the more you drink (water that is).

I can't stress this I'm going to repeat it again

Drink lots of water.

When I'm not eating something I'm sipping on water. Why is this SOOOO IMPORTANT?
Because the more water you have in your system, the faster your body will digest food. (Period)

(if you haven't done so, go in the kitchen right now and pour yourself a nice tall glass of water and start sipping it while you read the rest of this post - I'm serious, I'll wait)

If you're not drinking AT LEAST 2 cups of water between meals than you're going to have a hard time consuming those extra calories your body NEEDS to build muscle. If you feel too full to eat your next meal than one of these three things are to blame.

A - You're eating too much per meal
B - You're not drinking enough water between meals
C - (Both)

The good news is you can easily correct the two by using the advice on this page. So Dave (and anyone else who's stuck with this problem as well) let's recap that action plan again.


The Eat and Grow MASSIVE Action Plan


Step 1: Eat smaller "muscle building" meals.

Step 2: Eat a small "muscle building" meal every 2.5 to 3 hours

Step 3: Drink a tall glass of water immediately after your meal

Step 4: Drink another tall glass of water 1.5 hours after that.

Step 5: Repeat daily

Step 6: Each week add more water until you're up to 2 cups in between meals

I wish this system could be harder (so I can seem like some muscle genius) but it isn't, it's literally THAT SIMPLE to eat more throughout the day. If you can stick with this for 2 to 3 weeks your body will start demanding more food from you because it's digesting it so quickly. And more (of the right) food = more muscle.

Hope this helped. Now go out there and EAT And Grow MASSIVE and let me know how it goes.

Please let me know if this helped by leaving me a comment below. Also if you have any additional questions you want me to answer leave me a comment as well.


P.S. - I'm working on a fitness calculator that'll help you determine how many calories , protein, carbs and good fats you need to consume in order to reach your goal weight. Let me know if something like this will help you and I'll be sure to add it to the blog ASAP.

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  1. Hey guys, let me know if you have any other questions i can answer and what you though about this post.

  2. Hey it’s your boy Kris here
    I just got from work right now, it’s like 10:30 pm. And I was opening my computer and BAM, I got a message from my body Rich. I red the post and I have a more clear idea for my weight gain plan.
    And Rich I red that you are working on a fitness calculator right now, and I think that’s a good idea men, it will help people like me and you a lot.
    thanks a lot man, looking forward to see your upcoming posts.
    Keep us informed

  3. Hey Kris,

    Thanks for the comment bro. I’ll be sure to get cranking on that calculator ASAP.

    How much weight are you looking to gain?


  4. Hi Rich! Ive’ been hittin at the gym for about 3months and i have gained 22 lbs. im from 128-150lbs now. but i have a problem. it’s been 1 month now and im still at 150. actually its my 4th month in the gym now and im not gaining weight anymore. could you give me some advice? i eat about 5 times a day

    heavy lunch meal and a heavy dinner meal

    tnx! i’ll wait for your response

  5. Hey Anthony, Great question bro.

    I just put up an in depth solution to your problem, it’s called “5 Tips to Bust out Of Any Muscle Plateau”

    Check it out here:

    P.S. – don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know if this helped you or not

  6. Hey Rich , The Website and vids are really awesome you’ve helped me a huge amount and i can’t thank you enough…

    The one problem though that i always seems to have is constructing my diet plan , you said that i should be eating a “small muscle building meal” every 2.5 to 3 hours but i don’t think i can eat meat that often….I know you listed other sources of protein aswell but could you provide an example or how your diet plan was when you first started out???

    Thanks in advance and good luck to ya bro


  7. What up Rich, yeah i agree with Jake on the diet plan that you started with. It would help us get an idea of what sort of foods to eat. Maybe throw on your website a quick meal plan that you had for yourself; like if u ate chicken, meat, eggs, etc. & at what time periods. Maybe you can upload one of your logs so the rest of us can use it as an example. One quick question that my boy & i had, so in one day how many cups of milk do you drink? as i noted from your other videos you said you would drink milk with meals but on this page your saying water….let me know whats up. appreciate it.


  8. Hi Rich

    I’m writing you all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. I read on how you first started out and i went through the same thing. I myself did some extensive research in “Gaining Weight” but nothing was as simple and straight forward as what you have put out to the public. i do not have any questions right now but i will be in touch. I am 5. 11 1/2 and 140 pounds so i know i have my work cut out for me. I will be starting on the 20th July i will keep you posted.

    P.S Anytime you going for a vacation Trinidad and Tobago is the place to go. Let everyone know that. Later

  9. hey dude i have been having trouble getting big. i started lifting like two years ago and i gott pretty strong but i seemed to have leveled off this past year and i belive it may be because i am not eating to much. i would like to know what is a “muscle building” meal.

    something else thats been really bothering me is that i do not seem to get stronger in terms of weight. i am changing the workouts i do for each muscle every few weeks and im doing 4 to 5 sets of six to try to get stronger. right now i work out five days a week and take breaks on weekends. first day is chest and tris, second is legs and fore arms, and third is shoulders, back, and biceps. i am improving very little and do not seem to be gaining almost any weight. maybe the root of all my problems is not eating enough. i have tried gaining weight by drinking different protein shakes after my workout but i have not gained any noticeable amount of weight.

    I actually came to this sight looking for proper form because i was thinking maybe that has something to do with it. (i am not nearly as toned as i would like) i.e. you can see my shoulder blades and top of my rib cage.) i am looking for that nice shoulder cap and defined arms, actually i would lik everything to be better toned.

    i really dont have a mentor to tell me what to do and if im using proper form and such so i would love communicating with you and you giving me some tips.

    f.y.i. im 6.2″ and 170 pounds

  10. would power bars, peanut butter and granola work as a “musle building meal”?

  11. Hey just found you on youtube, you’re awesome. The water advice was really good i’ve heard its good to drink alot of water but no one had explained it like that to me before.

    I know the 3 rule workout, eat, recovery. Getting all 3 is tough. I recently bought a bench press with leg extension because time is a factor also embarrasment at the gym and cost. My big struggle is with food. I go to cook meals but end up having heaps for a small meal feel full and then don’t eat for 4hours or so after. I know im hearing ya eat more smaller meals true. Appetite is decieving as a skinny guy i have a huge appetite coz i eat irreguarly. So i’d like to know some quick cheap small meal ideas. I work as a carer for the disabled and i have little time to sit and devour a big tuppaware container of chicken and rice, i’ve tried. Getting over this hurdle will mean the most to me coz im 25 now waited too long for this. I have many flaws that curb my efforts at pulling the girls or even just feeling confident, putting on some weight will lighten that load so much. Thanks for all your tips 馃檪

  12. Sup Rich, So i’ve started a new diet, im eating a big breakfast (egg whites, 2 servings of oatmeal, and a mass building shake, + orange juice and 2 cups of water + 3 Multi vitamins as well as 2 creotene pills) I then will eat turkey sandwhiches and mixed nuts every 2 hours (I am aim for walnuts as they have a good nutrient composition) up untill around lunch time, at lunch i’ll have another turkey sandwhich a soupbowl = to 24g of protiene and a vegitables as well as another mass building whey protiene shake, 2 hours after that i have another turky sandwhich and more nuts, then at dinner ill cook more egg whites, a “healthy choice” main entre (get them at the supermarket, actually really good and loaded with the stuff we need) another mass building shake, 2 cups of water and a cup of orange juice.

    Now my question is this, Are the turkey sandwhiches enough in between my main meals? or do i need to balance out my “Mini meals”, with more protiene carbs etc.) and what was the correct ammount per “Muscle Building Meal”, that I need?

    Thanks a bunch dude.


    • Hey Sage thanks for the comment.

      Looks like you’re eating ALOT of extra “muscle building” calories each day which is fantastic.

      To answer your question, the turkey sandwiches seem fine. It all depends on how much turkey (protein) you put in them. The best thing to do is stick with your diet and track your progress for about 2 weeks. If you’re gaining muscle…. STICK WITH IT.

      If you’re not gaining much muscle then you’ll need to up your calories (start with protein first, then carbs, then healty fats) until you start seeing positive results.

      While you’re bulking you should look to gain about 1.5 – 2 pounds a week. If you’re gaining anything less than that then you’ll need to up your calories a little. Typically anything over a 2 lb gain a week usually means you’re putting on extra fat. So 1.5 – 2 lbs gains each week is ideal.

      Train hard Sage,