Are You STILL Making These Bone-Head Mistakes?

Alright, so I revealed to you the #1 reason you're not building muscle, and why 90% of all you're hard work is going down the drain.

Now I'm going to share with you 2 more "Bone - Head" Mistakes most guys make when they're trying to build muscle.

Don't feel bad if you've fell victim to some of these mistakes because the truth is I did too. I've made TONS of "Bone - Head" mistakes and by sharing what I've learned with you I can at least help save one guy the pain, agony, frustration, and wasted time and energy on doing the WRONG THINGS.

The truth is, I made these mistakes because no one told me to look out for this stuff. And I'm pretty certain if you're not getting the results you want, no one has shared these mistakes with you either.... Until now!

"Bone - Head" Mistake #1: Horrible Form

It never fails, every time I go to the gym I see guys who do not practice good form. These guys usually don't last long in the gym for a number of reasons. First, by not practicing good form you're working out other muscles than the one you should be focusing on.

I've seen guys do exercises like bicep curls and their form is so bad that they're actually working out their shoulders and back more than they're working out there biceps.

Which do you think would give you better results?

1- Dumbbell Curls w/ Proper Form: Targets your biceps 100%
2- Dumbbell Curls w/ “Bad” Form: Targets your biceps 65%, your shoulders 25%, your back 10%

Obviously #1!

But most guys who are not seeing the results they want do #2 and wonder why their muscles aren’t growing.

Example of “Horrible” Form


Your muscles need a certain level of contraction in order to stimulate muscle growth. By not practicing proper form and good technique you're not giving your muscles that same level of contraction that it needs to grow.

Second, you increase your risk of injury. By not practicing proper form and good technique for every exercise you really run the risk of hurting yourself.

For certain exercises, it’s critical to perform the exercise properly like squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses for example, because if you don't you're literally an inch or two away from severely injuring yourself (trust me, I know of a few guys who have).

There are two main reasons why guys who do not practice good form don't last too long in the gym.

The first reason is because they bust their butt in the gym for weeks if not months and wonder why they aren't seeing any results and if they do see results, they're few and far between, because their form is so bad.

And the other reason is because they've literally injured themselves to the point where they don't feel comfortable going to the gym again or worse… they’re physically unable to.

So if you've been going to the gym for some time now and haven't seen the results you wanted. You may fall into this category of not using proper form and proper technique with your exercises.

You need to use proper form and proper technique on EVERY exercise during EVERY rep to get results.

"Bone - Head Mistake" #2: Following Advice from Someone Who's Not Like You

When it comes to building muscle every one's body is different. With that said there are some guys who naturally build muscle fast and some guys who have to work a little harder at it (like you and me).

One of the quickest ways to get frustrated and sabotage your results is to follow the advice of someone who is not like you or doesn’t know how your body works.

Take for example, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq. Can you imagine Shaq taking advice on how to play the game from Kobe? Can you imagine Shaq trying to make moves, shoot threes, and dribble the ball like Kobe?

As a basketball fan that would be a “frightening” thought.

Well the same goes for following advice from guys who “naturally” build lots of muscle. You can't expect to do the same things they do and see results, because it's just not going to happen.

This was one of my big mistakes. Growing up, I used to follow the advice of family members and friends who all they had to do was sneeze to build muscle and wonder why I couldn't see results.

So if you're a skinny, or you naturally struggle at building muscle and gaining weight it's crucial to your success that you follow advice from former skinny guys and guys whose body’s naturally struggle to build muscle because they know how your body works and they know what it responds to, and what kind of stimulation it needs to build muscle.

I fell for these mistakes BIG TIME when I was starting out and I know you're probably falling victim to these as well. And let me tell you... IT STINKS to bust your butt in the gym, buy all these weight gainers and protein supplements and "magic" muscle pills, powders and potions and watch all your hard work and MONEY go down the drain.

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