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Hardgainer Tip: Secret Weapon to Fast Weight Gain!


I was going through all the feedback I've been getting from my blog and I came across an interesting trend amongst the obstacles and challenges that's holding alot of guys especially people like me (hardgainers) back from gaining weight and building muscle.

And it seems as though the #1 obstacle holding hardgainers back is a good knowledge of the basics.
Alot of guys are lacking the fundamental principals they ought to know if they want to build muscle consistently and with less effort.

I'm still compiling my hardgainers guide which will reveal all of this to you. It's designed to give you the basic knowledge you NEED to know if you want to see consistent muscle gains. Because if you're a hardgainer and you're trying to build muscle fast than you're going to have to do things a bit different from everyone else and if you don't know what those key things are than you'll be spinning your wheels, and wasting a whole lot of effort fro minimal gains.

So today I wanted to share with you the easiest way to gain weight fast.

But before I do, I have to take a step back and go over a fundamental principle for gaining weight and building muscle. In order to gain weight you have to consume an EXCESS amount of calories.

So what do I mean by excess?

You have to consume more calories than your body burns to get get through each day. For example, if your body burns 2,000 calories each day you NEED to consume MORE THAN 2,000 calories to gain weight and build muscle.

After saying that, it's important to point out that you should be getting most of your calories from 1. protein, 2. good carbs, and 3. good fats.

I'm not going to dive in too deep into each of these right now. Just keep in mind that your calories should come from "good" whole food sources rather than junk food. Note that 24g of carbs from potato chips is not the same as 24g of carbs from whole wheat bread.

Ok, so here's the EASIEST way to consume MORE good calories each day to gain weight and build muscle.

You ready?

Ok, drum roll...................

1. Start off by drinking 1 glass of milk after every meal
2. Each week drink at least 1 more glass of milk than the previous week until you reach a gallon a day.

That's it.

I don't know if I told you this but low fat milk is my SECRET WEAPON to building muscle. After every meal, I drink a tall glass of low fat milk. Why is this so effective?

Think about it....

1 cup of low fat milk contains:

8g of protein
14g of carbs

Now multiply those numbers by 6 (since I typically eat 6 meals a day), that's:

48g of EXTRA protein / day (just from milk)
84g of EXTRA carbs / day (just from milk)

That 48g of EXTRA protein and those 84g of EXTRA carbs from milk could mean the difference between your body being in a calorie deficit (you lose weight or remain skinny) and your body being in a calorie SURPLUS (building muscle and gaining weight). And all you have to do is drink some milk.

So if you're having trouble adding more protein and more "good" carbs to your diet just use my secret weapon and DRINK SOME MILK (less effort is the name of the game - you don't have to go out and buy all these protein powders and muscle potions just drink some milk).

Hope this helped,


P.S. - Leave a comment and let me know if this helped you out or not. Also let me know if you have any questions as I'm sure you might after reading this post.

And if you haven't done so, sign up for my free More Muscle Less Effort Hardgainer's guide when it's complete so you can build more muscle with the least amount of effort.

Whoever said milk does a body good And that's on top of my meals which 40g of protein each. So I'll let you do the math increase the amount of cups

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Muscle Building Nutrition Tips for Hardgainers

As a hardgainer you could spend all day in the gym, lifting to exhaustion. But if you don’t eat a proper diet, executing the right workout plan doesn’t mean a thing because you won’t build any muscle.
Don’t be alarmed. Good muscle building nutrition for hardgainers isn’t that hard to follow. Just make sure you know these nutrition basics, and you’ll build muscle fast and add inches to your frame in no time.


Muscle Building Nutrition Tip #1:

Meal Timing for Hardgainers

It’s important to never, ever let your body get hungry. Why? When your body is hungry, your metabolism slows down and it stops burning fat for fuel. Instead, it breaks down your own muscle for extra energy. Not good for a muscle builder! Make sure you’re eating every 3-4 hours and 5 or 6 smaller meals a day.

Muscle Building Nutrition Tip # 2:

The Important Food and Nutrient Groups for Hardgainers

* Protein

A brick layer can’t build without bricks. Your body can’t build muscle without protein. It’s the stuff muscle is made of. If you weight train without consuming enough protein, your muscles will actually shrink in size!

People serious about building muscle should consume 0.8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day. So a 150 pound person should eat 120-150 grams a day.

Foods high in high quality protein include…
• Grilled Chicken and Turkey
• Egg Whites
• Tuna and other fish
• Milk and other low-fat dairy products
• Lean Beef

Remember, extra protein won’t make you bigger. Once your body has enough, it will get rid of all the extra protein.


Carbs are the main source of energy for your muscles. So if you’re not consuming enough carbs, you’re going to feel sluggish and not lift very well.
Foods high in good carbs include…
• Oatmeal and non-sugary cereals
• Whole-grain breads
• Brown Rice
• Beans
• Potatoes

*Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables supply your body with minerals and nutrients not found in other foods. Some of these nutrients include potassium, zinc, iron, vitamins, and fiber. Every nutrient supplied in these foods help your body function as it should. If you’re not getting enough nutrients, you will feel tired and have poor health.
High nutrient fruits include…

• Apples
• Berries
• Watermelon
• Kiwi
• Oranges

• Spinach
• Beets
• Tomatoes
• Carrots
• Peppers


Good fats are important so your body functions properly. Try to eat more mono- and polyunsaturated fats and less saturated and trans fats. Good sources include…
• Olive oil
• Nuts and nut butters
• Fatty fish like salmon


Pure water has no calories, nutrients, or protein. But it’s the most important “food” in your muscle building pantry. Water makes up 70% of your body. It lubricates joints and transports nutrients through your body. Without water, every other food and nutrient is useless. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, more when you do cardiovascular exercise.

Muscle Building Nutrition Tip # 3:

Easy to follow nutrition habits you as a hardgainer should be doing

• Prepare food in advance and always have something on hand. You never know when you might have to bolt out the door for an unexpected event. If you know you have an appointment or meeting to be to, prepare food in advance so you can eat it as soon as you get home or whenever you have time.

• Take food with you wherever you go. You can’t always be sure if food will be available. Remember, you don’t want to miss a meal. It counter acts you weight lifting efforts.

• Eat food before you go somewhere. Then you won’t have to eat on the run (even though you do have a back-up meal packed just in case!).

• Buy more food than you think you need. It can save money and it means you’ll never run out of nutritious food when you’re in a pinch.

• Eat a variety of foods. If you eat the same foods every day, you’re missing out on some vital nutrients.

• Try to eat a calorie ratio of 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat. So a person eating 2000 calories a day should eat about 800 calories from protein, 800 calories from carbs, and 400 calories from fat.

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How to Military Press / Shoulder Press With Proper Technique And Build Upper Body Strength

Donahoe military press

The military press builds the upper body muscles more fully than the bench press.  Why is that?  It's because the military press and shoulder press, unlike the bench press, uses the entire body.  This lift can be done as either a barbell exercise or a dumbbell exercise.

The military press is an often ignored lift in workout routines.  Few people realize how much the military press, whether done as a barbell exercise or dumbbell exercise, would benefit from this lift.


The Muscles The Military Press Works


There are huge muscle building benefits for lifters who correctly work the military press into his workout programs.  The military press and shoulder press, different names for the same lift...

Primary Muscles: Shoulders, Upper Chest
Secondary Muscles: legs, trunk, shoulder, upper chest, and arms.

When a shoulder press or military press is correctly used in your workout as a barbell exercise or a dumbbell exercise, the upper body muscle gains are enormous.


How to Perform the Military Press Correctly


The military press takes a bit of practice to do correctly.  Remember that a shoulder press and military press should be done as a barbell exercise instead of a dumbbell exercise whenever possible.  Dumbbells are okay to use when a barbell isn't available, though.

Here are the steps to a flawless shoulder press and military press...

Step 1: Raise the barbell to your chest with your hand shoulder width apart.  This can be done by lifting the barbell straight from the floor or by lifting it off of a power rack.

Step 2: Lock your legs and hips underneath you.  Feet should be together

Step 3: Without using your lower body, lift the weight overhead.

Step 4: Bring the weight back down to your chest in a controlled manner

If you have to use your lower body to lift the weight, you are either too fatigued to do anymore sets correctly or are lifting too much weight. To help your form take a look at our:


For Better Form Watch This Military Press Video


Variation of the Military Press



A lifter can make muscle building strength gains with this variation.  It can be incorporated into your workout programs when injury or fatigue prevents you from doing the regular military press.

The Seated Military Press

This variation is very similar to the regular military press.  But in this one, you are sitting upright on a bench.  A lifter will lift the barbell overhead from chest level just like you do in the regular press.  However, this variation does not work the trunk and legs as much.

Remember, the military press works the body more than the bench press.  But the bench press works muscles the military press does not, so make room for both.

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