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Video 2 – Build Muscle Challenge For Hardgainers

Video 2 of our Build Muscle Challenge For Hardgainers is finally here.

Check it out below:

Ok, so prior to starting your weight training program from my point of view it's always best fir you perform AT LEAST 2 "Pre-Workout" Days.

These days are real important because they allow you to:

A. Know what are your optimal weights for each excercise.

B. Allows you to practice perfecting your FORM. (this is very important)

Proper Form will make or break your results. SERIOUSLY.

When you have the proper form:

A. Prevents Injuries
B. You're targetting the muscles you're supposed to effectively. (MORE MUSCLE GROWTH)
C. You'll get stronger faster.

(Do not begin training heavy until you know how to use proper form on ALL of your excercises) - You'll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don't.

Once you perform your Pre-Workouts and find your optimal weights and practiced your proper form then and only then is it time for you to GO AT IT!!!

If you're a hardgainer here are some "key" excercises you should focus on for MAXIMUM muscle gains.


Ther's all types of alternatives and variations to these excercises, just in case for some reason you can't perform one or two of them due to injury for example.

These excercises should be the foundation of your workouts if you want to gain muscle mass and add inches to your frame.

if you haven't done so, leave us a comment and let us know if this video helped you out or not, and if you have any questions.

We love feedback, in fact we feed off of it.

Also don't forget to subscribe to our channel so you'll be the first to know when we put out our hardgainer videos.

Hope this video helps.

And much more to come.


P.S. - Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at:

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What's Your Biggest Muscle Building Challenge?

Hey guys,

Rich here, I set up this page to find out what's your biggest muscle building challenge.

It's our ultimate goal here to help the most amount of people as possible. And one way we've been doing that is by collecting everyone's feedback and questions so that we can be sure to address it on our blog and help you and others who may be going through the same thing.

The questions and feed back have been amazing thus far.

If you have something holding you back from your muscle building success be sure to let us know so we can help you solve and get past that problem so you can see muscle gains fast rather than letting it waste anymore of your time, and energy.

Just fill out the quick form below to "zap" your question to us.

What is your Biggest Muscle Building Challenge / Obstacle

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Til next time,


“Build Muscle Quickly” – Learn Step by Step How to Change Your Physique Fast!

Hey everybody,

My name is Richard Knight.

First I just wanted to say: If you came here wanting to learn how to build muscle quickly than you've come ot the right place.

Secondly I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog and I also wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself. And that finding this blog maybe the best thing that could happen to you and your physique, SERIOUSLY!

So first things first.

"Who the heck is this Richard Knight guy and why did he create this blog?"

Well to answer both of those questions I'm gonna have to tell you a little bit about myself.

First off, I was a SKINNY guy. And as I write this post, I still think I am a skinny guy. All throughout high school I was pretty much the tall "skinny" kid, with glasses. And on top of that I had braces. (Yeah, as you could imagine I was a stud when it came to the ladies)

Throughout the years I've been called things like "Skinny", Scrawny, linky, string bean, and my favorite (I don't know why) "Sack of bones".

Well since my highschool years, I've put on a few pounds but nowhere near where I wanna be (I'm about 184 now and I want to be a SOLID 200 lbs). And I know this may sound like alot but when you're 6'3 (or 6'3 and a half depending on who you ask) 184 lbs isn't alot of weight, TRUST ME.

Well anyway, one thing I found out throughout the years is that BEING SKINNY SUCKS.

Which brings me to the reason why I created this blog.

Within the next few weeks I'm going to finally dedicate the time and resources to ultimately change my physique. That's right folks Rich is finally going to "BULK UP" for good.

But what's cool about it is that I've brought my nephew onboard (he swears he can put on more muscle than me for some reason). See me and my nephew are SUPER competitive. It's almost like our relationship thrives on competing against each other.

And that's where this blog was born and also the name of this blog "Build Muscle Challenge". I put this blog up so I can show the world how bad I'm gonna wup my nephew in this little competition of ours.

(More on my nephew a little later)

But what's cool about it, and how this will actually benefit you is that throughout the past couple of weeks me and my nephew have been reading non-stop. I mean literally devouring tons and tons of information on how to gain muscle, how to build muscle quickly, how to get ripped, you name it. We read alot of the popular courses on the internet including but not limited to: Anthony Ellis' program "Gaining Mass" and also Vince DelMonte's No Nonsense Muscle Building course (for an ecourse this one took the longest but it was worth it). And we're now about to devour the book "Scrawny 2 Brawny" by Mehia. Banking . We also read all the Build Muscle magazines (Which made us realize how much those magazines really aren't for skinny guys like us), we've listened to audios, read countless articles, all for one specific purpose.

We want to build muscle quickly. But we want to do it with LESS EFFORT. I know it sounds weird but we only want to do the things that will have a DIRECT impact on our muscle growth. We know it's gonna take  ALOT of hard work and dedication to build muscle quickly but we  don't want to be obsessed with when to take  supplements and shakes  and spending hours at the gym and all that stuff.

We just want a simple plan that we can execute that'll give us the results we need without too much hassles. So we've taken bits and pieces of everything we've learned that GETS RESULTS and combined them so we can get the maximum amount of results with the least amount of effort as possible. So if you wnat to learn how to build muscle quickly with less effort than this is the right place for you. And here's why:

Throughout our challenge we're going to be:

  1. Creating videos
  2. Writing articles
  3. Creating audios (podcasts)
  4. step by step guides
  5. Action plans

all to tell you what's getting us results and what's not getting us results. In other words, what's helping us Build muscle quickly and what's not and how you can use it to build your physique.

We're gonna break down everything from our diet plan, to our workout plan, all the way to our recovery Plan so you can see:

  •  not only what we're eating, but why we're eating it.
  • What we're eating and when (which is VERY VERY important if you want to build muscle quickly)
  • EXACTLY what we're doing in the gym and how you can use that to build muscle quickly and change your physique
  • how much recovery time we're actually giving our bodies for maximum muscle growth
  • what supplements we're using and which ones we steer clear of
  • and a whole bunch more to list

So if you want to be a part of this challenge and learn how to build muscle quickly and with less effort than everyone else be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed by using one of the subscription buttons on this page Stay tuned because our "BUILD MUSCLE CHALLENGE" is gonna kick off soon. You pretty much have nothing to lose and a bigger, stronger physique to gain.

Til next time,


P.S. - If you want to learn how to build muscle quickly AND with less effort. Than be sure to bookmark this site and subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on one of the subscription buttons on the page.

P.P.S.- I want to help you as much as I can. This challenge is going to open alot of people's eyes on how truly "simple" it is to build muscle quickly. But I want to know how I can help you specifically. I want to know what is your biggest question problem or frustration, when it comes to building muscle. So leave a comment and let us know so we can be sure to answer it for you during our challenge and get you seeing results quickly as well.

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