What Am I Doing Wrong?

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This is where YOU tell us EVERYTHING you’re doing, what your meals look like, how often your eating, what your workouts are like, how often you workout, your daily activity level…. etc. and we’ll break down EVERYTHING you’re doing wrong and most importantly we’ll give you an Action Plan on what you NEED to do to start seeing results fast.

Each week, we’ll post your questions and our responses on the blog so not only can you guys learn from us but you’ll see what’s holding other guys back (so you can learn from each other as well), which is what this entire community is about.

If you’d like to find out what your doing wrong and why you aren’t building muscle and gaining weight and you want us to answer your most burning questions when it comes to building muscle and give you a STEP BY STEP action plan on what you NEED to be doing to start seeing results FAST then click on the link below to fill out our quick “What Am I Doing Wrong?” questionnaire:

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