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What's up guys,

I came across a SUPER question that someone sent me a while back and I wanted to share my response to this question with everyone because this question absolutely PISSED ME OFF and had me seeing red for a little while. It also reveals the Muscle Building Workout I used while I was bulking up during my 40 lbs in 4 Months Transformation.

So if you want to see what exactly in this email pissed me off and if you were ever lost on what exercises to do and when to do them in order to build muscle than you absolutely NEED to read this post:

Here's the question:

"i tried putting on weight and i weigh just 56 kgs i took muscle juice supplement and was able to put on just 4 kgs and im a model and my job requires me to put on a lot of weight with lean muscle mass.. but i just cant do it, whatever my trainers says i not workin out for me and im in india there no good advice here, i saw your videos here in youtube and its motivating.. i workout one muscle a time this is my workout regimem.. monday, chest, tues- biseps, wed -lats, thurs shouders, fri triceps. sat- legs, i wanna put on lean muscle mass, coz im missin lots of work coz of my body.. the gym that i go is the best in my city pls ya'll help a brother out." - (Unknown)

Unfortunately they didn't leave their name but it's still a damn good question.

There are a few key things that I "really" want to hit on in this question.

First thing is the part about the trainer. And this literally PISSES ME OFF!!! We all have different body types, there's endomorphs (the "easy" gainers if you will, naturally muscular), mesomorphs (round and soft body type, think Roseanne or Jack Black) and ectomorphs (us, skinny guys, hardgainers, etc.) and combinations of the three. Each body type is different and requires different things in order to build muscle.

Most people only recognize how to build muscle for their body type. Understandably so, I mean if you learned how to build muscle as a hardgainer why would you want to learn how to build muscle as a mesomorph (a round person).

That's why it really doesn't make sense asking a true endomorph (someone who can build muscle by simply sneezing) or a mesomorph (a naturally "round" person) how to build build muscle if you're a hardgainer. (Trust me, I fell into this trap WAYYYYY tooo many times before I figured out "JUST DON'T DO IT")

But this is where I get PISSED OFF!!! -With personal trainers or any type of fitness professional they should know which body type you are and give you advice accordingly. Based on your body type. You'd be surprised but most personal trainers just blindly give guys advice without taking this into consideration and the only person that suffers here is YOU. (This causes way too many guys to throw in the towel and I'm SICK OF IT.)

Think about it, does it make sense to do the same workout routine as someone who can lift a 5 lb dumbbell and gain muscle. OF COURSE NOT!!! But that's what alot of guys do. And it looks like this is the case with our friend over here.

So in short...

If you're a HardGainer Learn From Other Hardgainers Who "Cracked The Code" To Building Muscle

This is by far one of the fastest ways to see positive results. Because other hardgainers (who cracked the code) know how your body works and they know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to build muscle and ultimately change your physique. That's why I've taken to time to study from guys like Vince Del Monte, Anthony Ellis and alot of other hardgainers who "cracked the code" to building muscle.



Ok sorry bout that, but I had to get that off my chest.

Now back to the question.

As the old saying goes: "There's more than one way to skin a cat". Well the same is true for building muscle for hardgainers.

Here's my recommendation on how to build muscle fast based on my results.

1. Do full body workouts FIRST to build your "frame"

2. Once you've built your "frame" than you can do "split training" (training a different muscle group each day of the week) to chisel everything out.

Think of your body like a stick figure made of clay or even better (Play-doh). And adding muscle to your body is equivalent to stacking on more clay to your "clay" stick figure body.

Now which makes more sense, going to the gym just about everyday and adding a little bit of clay to your biceps one day, a little bit on your chest another day, a little on your legs the next day ... and so on.

Or does it make more sense to put clay on EVERY part of your body 1 day, rest for a few days and add more muscle to EVERY part of your body and rest a few more days and add more muscle to EVERY part of your body.

In other words does it make sense to:

1 -add a little bit of muscle to one part of your body every time you go to  the gym or

2 - add muscle ALL OVER your body each and everytime you go to the gym.

Hopefully you picked number 2. Not only are you going to the gym less days a week but each time you go to the gym ALL your muscle groups are growing not just 1 or two. So hmm....., go to the gym LESS and build MORE muscle throughout your body, I'd take that any day.

And that my friends is the power of FULL body workouts. Now don't get me wrong "split" training has its place too. I recommend using split training once you've built enough muscle to actually train. Split training hits each muscle group from all different angles, thereby making your muscles fuller and more developed. But if you haven't built "enough" muscle to hit from all different angles than the results you'll get from split training won't do much.

So if you're trying to build muscle mass as a hardgainer you're wayyyyyyy better off building your frame FIRST with FULL body workouts.

Below is a sample FULL body workout routine I used when I was bulking up. This routine actually helped me gain my 40 lbs in 4 months:


Mon Tues Wed Thurs   Fri

Core Exercises

  • Squats (3x8)

  • Bench Press (3x8)

  • Barbell Row (3x8)

  • Military Press (3x8)

  • Calf Raises (3x8)

Core Exercises

  • Squats (3x8)

  • Bench Press (3x8)

  • Barbell Row (3x8)

  • Military Press (3x8)

  • Calf Raises (3x8)


Core Exercises

  • Squats (3x8)

  • Bench Press (3x8)

  • Barbell Row (3x8)

  • Military Press (3x8)

  • Calf Raises (3x8)

Concentration Exercises: 

  • Dead lifts(3x8)

  • Incline Bench Press(3x8)

  • Low Rows (3x8)

  • Cable Crossovers(3x8)

Concentration Exercises:

  • Leg Extensions(3x8)

  • Side Lat Raises(3x8)

  • Leg Curls(3x8)

  • Shrugs(3x8)

Concentration Exercises:

  • Barbell Curls(3x8)

  • Dips(3xF)

  • Hammer Curls(3x8)

  • Lying Tricep Extensions(3x8)

Back, Chest Legs, Shoulders  Biceps, Triceps

(3x8) = 3 Sets of 8 reps with 1 minute rest in between each set
(3xF) = 3 Sets to failure with 1 minute rest in between each set

Recovery tip: Don't worry about not being able to hit the gym on Wednesday because your body is still sore from Monday. It normally takes me about 48 – 72 hours to fully recover from my previous full body workout, which is why I workout every 3 days or twice a week.

If your body can fully recover within 48 hours (if you follow the workout plan, and workout fundamentals I teach you, I strongly doubt this will happen) than you might be able to workout every other day or 3 days a week – space your recovery and workout days according to your body’s recovery speed)

--Remember never go to gym until your body has fully recovered from your previous workout (I cannot stress this enough),

So there you have it, a full body workout routine you can use immediately to start bulking up, and building your frame FIRST.

With that being said, I just wanted to remind you that the "Build Muscle Challenge Advanced Subscriber Program" is going to be opening up TOMORROW. And if you haven't joined my Early Nofication List already, you should do so right now because space is EXTREMELY limited and only those on my Early Notification List will get first *dibs* on the spots and all the Bonuses available.

So if you want to learn how to build muscle from a fellow hardgainer whose "Cracked The Code" to fast muscle gain then go to before you miss out.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions by leaving a comment at the end of this post.



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