Want a “BEASTLY” Body Part?

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Wassup guys,

I have a question for you.

Have you ever walked into a gym, went into a store, walked on the beach or just plain 'ol gone somewhere and seen someone whose Monstrously Jacked. I mean, you had to practically stop in your tracks and say "That guys a BEAST!!!"

I'm talking BIG to the point where as soon as you see them, you're looking for the first thing you can pick up and hit them with just in case they "snap" and come charging at you. (Yeah, weird stuff like that jumps into my head 馃檪

Interesting Story:

I was just finishing up in the shower at my gym and I overheard these two guys talking.

One kid was like "Did you see that guy's arms?..... they were freaking HUGE!!!"

The other kid confirmed it and said "Dude we definitely should've asked him what does he do for his workout."

Now before you get the wrong impression these guys WERE NOT talking about me they were talking about someone else in the gym that day.

If they were talking about who I think they were talking about then the guy definitely is a BEAST and aside from being BIG overall he has some pretty big arms that obviously get attention from guys who wanna know how he got his arms that big.

Which Made Me Realize Something.

Aside from just being BIG, I realized that EVERY guy has one or more body parts that they would love to grow as big as can be.

It's funny because I was talking to Jimmy the other day and I told him, once we're done with this strength training program I want you to create a big arm and big chest program for me.

I told Jimmy...

"My goal is to grow my chest and my arms so BIG that when I reach for my diploma at graduation I want my robe to split in two"

It's funny because we all have that body part or body parts we want to be "GI-NORMOUSLY" big.

I know guys who are OBSESSED with building a WIDE BACK (JIMMY is one of them) In fact Jimmy's told me on a few occasions "I want my back to be so wide that I have to turn sideways just to fit into the doorway... that's when I know I've arrived"

I also know guys who want MONSTROUS ARMS, they say stuff like "I want my arms to be so big that they rip my sleeves apart every time I flex my arm"

And 9 times out of 10 you'll also here guys like us say, "Yeah, I want to walk into a room and have every guy say "Damn, that guy is a BEAST"... it never fails.

Of course there's nothing wrong with wanting these things - it makes for GREAT MOTIVATION.

But once I heard those two guys talking about this, that's when it hit me that we ALL think like this, me and jimmy included.

I Call These "Special" Body Parts Your "BEASTLY" Body Parts.

Simply put it's the body part that you want people to see and instantly say "That guy's a BEAST..... lets not mess with him"

For me, my "BEASTLY" Body Parts are most definitely my Arms and my Chest.

And here's the funny thing. Even though I went through that Shocking Muscle Building Transformation these past few months. It won't be FULLY complete until I get those "BEASTLY" body parts (my arms and my chest).

It's weird. I've gained ALOT of muscle over these past few months, but for some reason it feels like something still isn't quite right. And when I hopped out the shower that day I finally figured it out. It's because my "BEASTLY" Body Parts aren't BEASTLY yet.

Don't get me wrong! My arms and my chest are certainly much bigger than they were before but they're just not on that "BEAST" level yet.

And that's what I'm pretty much going to be working on starting in the next few weeks. So from now into the next few months, I'll be a "BEAST IN TRAINING"

I Have Some GREAT NEWS For You.....

I almost forgot to tell you the best part of this whole thing.

You remember when I said that I told Jimmy that he HAS to make me a BIG ARM and BIG CHEST workout program.

(Jimmy is pretty much a Workout Routine GURU, and best believe I'm gonna take FULL advantage of it)


Once I realized what an impact these workouts are going to have at helping me get the physique I've ALWAYS wanted (225lbs with BEASTLY Arms and a BEASTLY Chest)

I thought about you guys and what an impact these workouts will have on your Transformations as well.

(I mean can you imagine walking into a room and having guys staring at you with INSTANT respect (and a little bit of jealousy) and have girls gazing at you with desire because you have the body of a BEAST)

Well after these workouts that Jimmy's gonna make for me I'll have to see for myself what this feels like 馃槈

So here's the deal....

When I saw how willing Jimmy was to make these workouts for me, I told him we should release these workouts to those who REALLY want it / NEED it. And Jimmy agreed.

But on one condition....

We only want those who are actually going to use it to get it. Jimmy and I both know how it feels to give our BEST advice to people who don't use, IT STINKS. It makes us feel like we've just wasted our time on someone who could care less about about what our advice could do for them, when we could've been helping someone whose willing to put in the work and get the results.

So if you're someone who bounces around from training program to training program before giving one of them a chance to give you the results you want or if you're one of those people who "half ass" things and try to take shortcuts then please don't request these workouts.

But if you're someone whose 100% dedicated to doing whatever it takes to build the body that you want, and get the respect, attention and confidence you deserve then click the link below to hop on our "Beastly Body Part Training - Notification list".

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Sorry You're Too Late

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Til next time.

Train like a BEAST,


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Sorry You're Too Late

P.P.S. - Don't forget to leave me a comment below and let me know what your BEASTLY Body part is.