The Shocking Truth About Cardio For Skinny Guys


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What’s up guys,

Today I’m going to talk about that dreaded word that most skinny guys are told to stay away from like the plague, and it’s “Cardio”

I just got a great question from a guy named Pedro telling me that he’s been reading a lot of articles on the topic of cardio and now he’s confused.

Well today I’m going to break the myth of Cardio once and for all, because I know it’s an issue that most skinny guys go through at some point in time.

What I reveal in today’s blog post may *SHOCK* you, so read with caution. Here’s his question:


Hi Rich. First I really want to thank you for all your work
and videos to help skinny guys to build muscle (I'm 70.6kg 1.79 height) the
videos have great tips! I'm actually on video #6 "workout fundamentals" and
looks great, but I just have a question at this point, since I don't know if you
may talk about this in a future video, and is about cardio. I'm on a "dance"
class from Monday to Thursday (practically 1hr cardio) just after my gym routine
(GYM is MON to SAT 1:30 to 2 hrs, I'm on my 2nd week).

I have read several articles that says cardio is BAD for
skinny guys who are trying to build muscle, however I also have some fat that
would like to take away and I'm getting very confused with this info and at the
end I don't know what to do, I just know I want to get muscle. So my question
goes to "can I continue with my 1hr cardio after the GYM? or do I have to stay
away from it?" I'm eating at least five times in the day. Thank you again for
your videos, I'm having a close watch to your info since you have been in the
same place I'm.

Take care.



First let me say thanks for the question Pedro. There’s so much (conflicting) information when it comes to cardio that it’s no surprised that you got confused. Trust me, this topic got my head going off in circles when I first started out as well so I know how you feel.

I actually go over this topic in A LOT more detail in my DVD Casestudy and Step by Step Guide but I’ll give you some pointers to help you out with your dilemma.

First and foremost here’s the TRUTH when it comes to cardio and building muscle for us skinny guys.

If you want to gain the MOST amount of muscle in the LEAST amount of time then YES you will have to LIMIT your cardio. Why? Well it’s simple. The reason why you’re skinny is primarily because your metabolism is
faster than most people’s. Which means you burn more calories throughout the day than other people

Since at the end of the day you have to be in a SURPLUS of calories (you have to consume more calories than your body burns) the more cardio you do or any other activity for that matter (i.e. – basketball, wrestling, tennis) or in your case even dance class will BURN those extra calories rather than use them to build muscle.

Here’s an example of this to help illustrate what I’m talking about a little further:

Let’s say your body naturally burns 2,000 calories each day WITHOUT cardio.

Now let’s say you wanted to build muscle so you decided to consume 2,500 calories each day to get bigger.

So at the end of the day you’d be at a SURPLUS of 500 (2,500 – 2,000) extra calories. THIS SCENARIO = MUSCLE GAIN

FYI – It takes 3,500 extra calories to gain 1 lb of new body mass. So 500 extra calories a day equals 3,500 extra calories each week which 1 lb weight gain in 1 week.

Now lets add cardio to the mix (again I’m just making these numbers up to show you what I’m talking about)

Let’s say your body naturally burns 2,000 calories each day WITHOUT cardio.

Now let’s say you wanted to build muscle so you decided to consume 2,500 calories each day to get bigger.

Now let’s add the cost of 1 hr of cardio to your daily routine and let’s say 1 hr. of cardio burns 500 calories.

Now let’s do the math,

At the end of the day you’d break even with the calories which means 0 (2,500 – 2,500) extra calories which equals NO MUSCLE GAIN.

Now there are two options for you at this point.

  1. Limit or even eliminate your cardio. The least amount of cardio you do, the less amount of calories you burn a day. The least amount of “Calories You Burn” the easier it’ll be to build muscle.
  2. Increase your calorie intake – If cardio (ie – your dance class) is a necessity or something you can’t eliminate or even limit then your second option is to increase your calorie intake by consuming more calories each day.

It’s definitely do-able but of  the two options eliminating the cardio is the easiest which is why so many people say to stay away from all unnecessary cardio. Which is good in theory but it just isn’t practical for those who are obligated to do activities such as (dance, football, basketball, track, swimming, dance, etc) And if you fall into this category then you NEED to increase your calorie intake if you want to build muscle while still having cardio and similar activities a part of your daily life.

So to answer your question Pedro,“can I continue with my 1hr cardio after the GYM?” is, it’s entirely up to you.

If you can eliminate it or even limit the amount of cardio / dance you do then great. But if you’d rather do the
cardio regularly (by keep going to your dance class) then you’re going to have to increase your calorie intake. I think a good option would be to limit your cardio as much as possible (if you can’t eliminate it) and consume a little bit
more each day, that way you don’t have to increase your calorie intake by that much to still build muscle.

As for you wanting to burn the fat with your cardio, there are windows throughout the day where you can actually do cardio while you’re bulking up that burn the most amount of fat while leaving the extra calories you
consume virtually untouched so you can dedicate them to your muscle gains rather than burning them.

But in the interest of time (that’ll really take some time to explain) I’ll try to tackle that issue in the another blog post. But I do reveal these windows in detail and even more about cardio in my Build Muscle Challenge Step by Step Action Plan Guide which is only being offered to those who get their DVD Casestudy.

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Til next time,




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Til next time,


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