How to Bench Press Effectively and With Proper Technique

Arnold Schwarzenegger bench pressing

The bench press is one of the most important upper-body workouts you can incorporate in your wokout routine. This exercise can be used as a key indicator to your own upper body strength.

So What is a Bench Press? In the simplest terms a bench press is when you lift weight off of your chest, this can be done effectively with a barbell or dumbbells. A bench press is simply The bench press is a very important part of hardgainer workouts.

A weight lifting bench is all you really need to do the bench press, and many home gyms are appropriately equipped to do this lift. The bench press is a very simply and effective exercise to build your upper body. This article will teach you how to Bench Press effectivelyh with proper technique so you can bench more weight and build a bigger, stronger upper body without injuring yourself.


The muscles the bench press works

No lift builds as much muscle in the upper body as the bench press does. These muscles include…

• Primary muscle: Chest (pecs)
• Secondary muscle: Triceps
• Secondary muscle: Shoulders

If you follow a well designed powerlifting routine that uses the bench press effectively you will build consistent “balanced” strength in your entire upper body.

How to properly perform a bench press, whether you're using a home gym or a weight lifting bench

To fully benefit from the bench press and avoid injury, you must perform the lift correctly.

Step 1: Lay flat on the weight lifting bench and grip the bar with your hands about 22-28 inches apart, depending on your size. Make sure you use your thumb in the grip.
Step 2: Keep your back flat, shoulders back, and chest up.
Step 3: Look straight up at the ceiling and lift the bar off the rack. Never concentrate on the bar. If using a home gym setup, look at the wall straight ahead of you.
Step 4: Lower the bar to your chest. Make sure the bar taps your chest and your forearms are perpendicular to the floor.
Step 5: Lift the bar back up. Never, ever use your back to lift! This is a sure way to injure yourself, setting you back on your hardgainer workouts.


Safety precautions to ALWAYS use when performing a bench press

The bench press is notorious for ruining people's workout programs. Lifters often overdo the bench press and subject themselves to overuse injuries. Follow these safety measures to make sure your workouts are never interrupted by injury.

Always use a spotter. If you find yourself unable to lift a bar another time, you won't be stuck.
Don't lift your back when lifting the bar. This creates "artificial" strength and can lead to injury.
Use a power rack.
Make sure you are using proper technique. Start your workout programs with little weight and slowly add weight as you perfect your technique.
Never lift in excess. Overuse injuries can ruin your workouts.


Bench press variations for workouts

These variations of the bench press should be incorporated into your weight lifting workouts. Each lift emphasizes a slightly different muscle group and can evenly work your muscles so even strength distribution is obtained. A gym professional can help you perform these alternatives correctly.

Close Grip Bench Press: Emphasizes triceps.
Reverse Grip Bench Press: Reverse the way your palms face. Emphasizes triceps.
Incline Bench Press: Emphasizes shoulders.
Decline Bench Press: Lets you bench press more weight.

Your workouts should emphasize the regular bench press, but these variations can be added for variety and to give your regular "bench muscles" a break.

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