Recommended Muscle Building Blogs And Sites

Strong Lifts -"The Most Powerful Strength And Muscle Building Strategies On The Internet, Without The Usual Bullshit And Broscience!"

I've been following Medhi and his blog for a few years actually. It's a really great resource for guys looking to build muscle, gain weight, and more importantly GET STRONGER. Just keep in mind that one of Medhi's main focuses is to "lose weight" and build muscle through strength training. So a fair portion of his advice and information is geared toward guys who have weight to lose.

But strength training is also a HUGE component to building muscle and I like Medhi No B.S. style which is why I highly recommend following Medhi and his Stronglifts blog.

Jason Ferruggia Blog - How to Build Functional Muscle Mass, Explosive Strength & Power and Relentless Endurance

I recently stumbled onto this blog and it really impressed me. I feel it's more geared toward guys who are Intermediate to Advanced. But he still has information that can be applied to experience levels.

A little about Jason Ferruggia - he's a strength and conditioning specialist whose trained 700+ athletes from more than 90 different professional and NCAA organizations including firefighters, police officers, military personnel, Hollywood stars and countless average Joe’s and weekend warriors.

He's been featured in magazines such as Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, MMA Sports, Shape, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Today’s Man and Men’s Fitness where he's the chief training adviser and have my own monthly column called The Hardgainer.

Jason's definitely a "tell it how it is kinda guy" and he clearly practices what he preaches. - the BIGGEST and most POPULAR bodybuilding site for a reason.

I'd be doing you a BIG dis-service if I didn't include It has TONS of articles and resources on practically ever topic and experience level when it comes to body building. The only problem with, especially when it comes to those who are Beginner to Intermediate level, is that it's easy to get "lost" in there.

They have SOOOO much information that it's easy to suffer from information overload which can be VERY counter productive to your weight lifting goals. I'd recommend using when you have a SPECIFIC question or topic you want to dive into (like views on a particular supplement or the proper form on a certain exercise)