How to Build Muscle Quickly in 6 Easy Steps

Creative Commons License photo credit: roonb

Most guys think they can go to the gym, lift some weights, suck down a protein drink or two and they’re going to get “Arnold” like results in a week.... If this sounds like you, then you need to read this article and learn the TRUTH about how to build muscle quickly.

Building muscle is a process. A combination of things need to be in place for you to build muscle.

And what I’m going to reveal to you today are 6 Key Strategies you can start using right now to make sure this process goes as FAST AS POSSIBLE so you can see results “lightning” quick.

Step 1: Eat More to Get More

It takes approximately 3,500 EXTRA calories to build 1 lb of Body Mass (i.e. - muscle). So if you wanted to build 1 lb of muscle a week it would take at least 3,500 extra calories or 500 EXTRA calories per day (on top of what your body burns to maintain itself) to do so.

So start off by increasing your daily caloric intake by 500 calories. You can do this a number of ways, the easiest are:

  • Eat high protein snacks in between each meal
    • Tuna Fish Sandwich
    • Nuts
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Protein bar
    • Low Sodium Beef Jerky
  • Double up on your protein for each meal
    • Ex: if you normally eat 1 chicken breast, rice and veggies for lunch (eat 2 chicken breasts)
  • Double up on Breakfast
    • Consume a MASSIVE breakfast each morning (double the size of your normal breakfast)

Step 2: Lift Heavy 6 - 12 reps

Your muscles grow in response to “stress”. The role of your workout is to “stress” your muscles with a load it’s never felt before.

Different types of stress force your muscles to adapt and grow in various ways, like building muscular endurance, growing in size and increasing in strength.

It just so happens that the 6 - 12 rep range is ideal for building muscular “growth” which is what you want.

Now when I say 6 - 12 reps I don’t mean lift any ‘ol weight up 12 times and put them down.

The goal is to pick a weight that will allow you to do ONLY “X” amount of reps. Which means on that last rep, you should be “giving it your all” to finish.

A really good and effective training split is:

Set 1 - 12 reps
Set 2 - 10 reps
Set 3 - 8 reps
Set 4 - 6 reps

Step 3: Be a Man! - Do Compound Exercises

If you want to build muscle quickly and see results FAST then you have to compound exercises. Compound exercises stimulate the MOST muscle in the LEAST amount of time so it only makes sense to not only do them, but focus on them as well.

If you want to see results in the quickest amount of time you should be doing “multiple” compound exercises during each workout.

Here are the Cream of the Crop Compound Exercises you need to focus on:

  • Squats - builds your Quads, Hamstrings and your Glutes
  • Bench Press - Builds your Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  • Barbell Rows - Builds your Upper Back and Biceps
  • Clean & Press - Builds your Traps and Shoulders
  • Deadlifts - Builds your Lower Back and Hamstrings

Step 4: Focus on Form

The name of the game is muscle stimulation. The only way to stimulate the most amount of muscle during each exercise is to perform Proper Form with EVERY REP.

Which do you think would give you better results?

  1. Dumbbell Curls w/ Proper Form: Targets your biceps - 100%
  2. Dumbbell Curls w/ “Bad” Form: Targets your biceps - 65%, your shoulders - 25%, your back - 10%

Of course #1

So make sure you don’t skimp out on form, it’s one of the BIG mistakes I see guys doing.

Step 5: Less is More (Get in, Workout & Get Out)

Believe it or not but there’s a time limit from the second you start your workout to the second you finish.

After about 60 minutes of intense training your body releases a hormone called “Cortisol”. For now all you need to know is the higher your Cortisol levels, the more catabolic (muscle eating) effects it has on your body.

Remember, the goal of your workout is to stress your muscles with a load it has never handled before as fast as humanly possible. The longer you stay, the more you’ll pay (with your muscle gains).

Step 6: Be Consistent

In order to build muscle you have to be CONSISTENT. You have to eat when you’re supposed to eat, and you have to train when you’re supposed to train.

If you can dedicate AT LEAST 30 days to a proven muscle building workout plan then you WILL see results FAST.

But you have to stick with it. Building muscle is alot like pushing a giant ball down the street, in the beginning it takes some effort, but if you keep pushing you gain momentum and it gets easier and easier as you go along.

The more consistent you are at doing the “right things” the more STAGGERING your results will be.