Build Muscle Challenge 7 Day BootCamp

Step 6: How to Maximize Your Gains Outside the Gym

Can you imagine Day 7 is already here?

Today I'm going to give you the FINAL piece to the formula. It holds the key to maximizing your gains outside the gym. And in all honesty you're probably doing some thing TERRIBLY wrong in this department which may reveal why you haven't been seeing the results you've been busting your butt for.

So we already went over "Proper Nutrition Fundamentals", I also revealed to you the "Proper Workout Fundamentals" and now it's time to go over "Proper Recovery Fundamentals"

Remember the formula:

Proper Nutrition + Proper Workout + Proper Recovery
= Head Turning Results FAST

You've already learned the first two pieces of the equation now let's look at "Proper Recovery" and how to maximize your muscle gains outside the gym.

"What is recovery and why is it soooooo important?"

Just in case you forgot, recovery is the repairing process your body goes through between one workout and the next.

It’s during this time period your muscle fibers and body systems are repairing themselves, stitching up the wear and tear from your last workout session.

This process is UTTERLY CRUCIAL.

Always remember, your muscles don’t grow in the gym they grow outside the gym. You know what, that last statement is sooooo important I want us to say it together out loud, ready… “Your muscles don’t grow in the gym they grow OUTSIDE the gym”

A lot of guys (my former self included) think that muscles actually grow while you’re “pumping the iron” or “getting it in” at the gym. And as you already know, this is the complete opposite, your workouts are actually wearing and tearing your muscles.

The only reason why you look bigger when you’re working out is because of the increased blood flow your body sends to the muscles to help it “handle” the stress.

Too many guys (again, my former self included) focus way too much energy and attention on what we do in the gym and very little attention to what goes on outside the gym.

Remember, your muscles only grow once it has fully recovered from the previous workout. Now let me shed some more light on the topic.

Let’s say you work out for 1 hour a day, 3 times a week. So that’s 3 hours in the gym per week, (3 hours / wk * 4 weeks = 12 hours per month) That’s how much time you’ll spend in the gym per month.

Now let’s take a look at how many hours you’re OUTSIDE the gym (24hours /day * 30 days = 720 hours in a month)  720 – 12 hours in the gym per month = 708 hours per month.

So wait a sec, you spend 12 hours in the gym and a staggering 708 hours OUTSIDE the gym each month. Don’t you think what you do during those 708 hours you’re OUTSIDE the gym can have a HUGE impact on your muscle building results? You can bet your grandma’s undies it does.

And that’s what this section is all about. It’s really simple but this is also another place where A LOT of guys slip up. They think they’re job begins and ends with their workouts and it doesn’t.

So here’s 2 of the MOST essential recovery steps you can take to Maximize your gains outside the gym:

Step #1 to Proper Recovery: Sleep

Between your job, workout plans, school and your personal activities, do you get AT LEAST 8 hours of continuous sleep?  You should be!

If you're reading this lesson when you should be sleeping, go to bed right now and pick up this lesson when you wake up!

It's while you’re sleeping that the majority of the recovery process takes place.

It's while you sleep where your body can devote all it's energy to body and muscle repair.

In other words, lack of sleep prolongs your recovery time (more importantly it'll take your body a longer time to build more muscle). So try to limit your late nights and get at least 8 hours of continuous rest each night while you’re bulking up.

Step #2 to Proper Recovery: Proper Nutrition

To recover, your body needs the right materials and energy sources for repair.

If you don't consume enough calories from proteins, fats, carbs, and other nutrients to meet the demands of your body in this "weakened" state, you're going to crash and burn.

You're going to shrink, not grow!

Be sure not to “skimp” on your diet because believe it or not but the calories you consume has a direct impact on how much muscle you gain.

Now this next tip, I only reveal to those who have hung in there and made it to the end of this 7 day course, and since you've made it this far, you're one of those people. So I'll gladly share this Top Secret Nutrition Tip with you.

Your BIGGEST meal of the day should be within 1 hour after you workout. The reason is because the recovery process starts AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE THE GYM, not to mention the fact that your body just got KO'd by your workout (if you followed the workout fundamentals I taught you that is)

So make sure that first meal after you workout is high in carbs (to replenish your muscles energy stores), high in protein (to begin repair on your muscle tissue), and has a substantial amount of good fats (to help keep your metabolism high as well as for other key benefits).

If you're like me when I first started out, odds are as soon as you leave the gym you probably have a snack or two not even thinking about this VITAL Recovery step. But believe me IT'S MASSIVELY important if you want to gain weight and build muscle. That's why I kept stressing that you pay close attention to the nutrition part of these lessons to ensure you're following the proper muscle building diet and you're consuming the right foods at the right time for maximum muscle growth.

But the key to today's lesson that I want you to remember is:

Your Muscles Don’t Grow In The Gym.
They Grow OUTSIDE The Gym.

There's a few more things that go into recovery and odds are you're doing the complete WRONG things right now that are sabotaging your muscle gains.

But with all the guys I've helped over the past few months, these are the BIG stumbling blocks that alot of guys tend to trip over.

Don't believe recovery is SUPER DUPER important? ... ok listen to this.

I literally gained 42 lbs in 4 months while weight training only twice a week. I literally weight trained every 3 days when I was bulking up and that was all it took. The rest of the time I spent recovering (getting plenty of rest, following my diet plan, and a few other things that helped me build muscle while I was OUTSIDE the gym)

When I tell people this little fact they are absolutely shocked because for some reason they think the more you go to the gym the more your muscles will grow, which couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is the more you go to the gym before your muscles had time to properly recover (e.x. - they're still sore) the less your muscles will grow, and that's a FACT.

This is especially true for us "naturally skinny" guys which is why I'm going to rant for a little bit.

If you're anything like me when I first started out, I know you must've (and still probably are) scouring the internet searching for a program, or website or special You tube video to show you how to build muscle. Am I right?

If you are then I recommend you ONLY take a look at programs that are made for naturally "skinny" guys like you and me because it wasn't until I invested in one of these "skinny guy" programs that opened my eyes to the fact that transforming my body was even possible.

Imagine being a skinny guy and being able to workout twice a week and gaining 42 lbs in less than 4 months. It its possible, but you have to learn how, from guys who are just like you "naturally skinny" and have done it. Which is why you owe it to yourself to check out programs like Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program (My #1 Recommendation) and Sean Nelawanyj's Muscle Gain Truth Program (My Strong #2 Recommendation).

Remember, most of the muscle building info out there is NOT made for skinny guys like us which is why you have to take the time to learn from those who have "muscle unfriendly" genetics just like you. So from here on out whenever you hear a piece of muscle building advice from some one, make sure it's meant for naturally skinny guys and others who have a difficult time building muscle.

Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for alot of disappointment and frustration. Trust me, because was me for YEARS until I learned the right things from the right people.

Whewwww....... Ok, I'm done ranting for now.

Well that's it for my Build Muscle Challenge 7 Day Course. I really hope you've gotten several golden nuggets from me within these past 7 days. If you think the information you got in this FREE email bootcamp was valuable, don't worry I'll be in touch shortly with more information, more tips, tools and resources to help you build muscle and see results fast.

Be sure to let me know how your transformation goes.

Til next time,

Richard Knight
[email protected]

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