Build Muscle Challenge 7 Day BootCamp

Step 4: Creating Your Workout Plan That Builds Muscle On Demand

Can you believe it? We're already on Step 4 of this bootcamp. By now you should have:

  • Gotten your numbers
  • Developed some sort of meal plan for yourself (or stolen one by using my Weight Gain Calculator)
  • Seen where you may have been slipping up with your nutrition
  • and how you can improve your eating habits


** If you haven't done so by now, I strongly suggest you check out Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program because this was the main program that I used to gain 42 lbs in 4 months and it has taught me a ton of things about muscle building that I know will help you, that I couldn't possibly cram all of it into this 7 day course.

You can check out the  No Nonsense Muscle Building Program here.


You may not think so, but right now you're light years ahead of all those guys struggling to build muscle and gain weight because they have no clue how to FEED their muscles.

And after today's lesson you're going to be LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of all those guys busting their butts in the gym and not seeing any results.

So let's get to it.

Once again, before I get into the nitty gritty of today's lesson, there's a few fundamentals you need to know BEFORE you ever step foot in the gym. I can almost guarantee you that after checking out these Workout Fundamentals, you'll see where you may have slipped up with your workouts and why you may have not been getting the results you've been looking for.

Workout Fundamentals You Need to Know For Maximum Muscle Gains

Remember what I said earlier, Proper Workout Fundamentals is important because if you don’t understand the fundamentals of what role your workouts play in building muscle and what the main goal of your workout is then you’re only shooting yourself in the foot and you’ll end up doing two things:

1 - Doing WAY more work than you have to get the results you want

2 - Spinning your wheels in the gym and NOT seeing ANY results
(and I'm pretty sure you know how this feels)

It’s super important that you understand and apply these fundamentals during your workouts to get the most bang for your time and energy at the gym.

It’s your workouts that tell your body what to do with all those extra calories you’ll be consuming which is to “Build More Muscle FAST”.

Remember, even the skinniest guys can build muscle fairly quickly as long as they follow the fundamentals.

The #1 Goal Of Your Muscle Building Workout

You “HAVE” to stress as many muscle fibers as possible with a load it has never handled before. (Seriously, read that line again because it’s that darn important)

In other words in order for your muscles to grow consistently, you have to expose them to stress that they’ve never been exposed to before.

The easiest way to do that is to continuously increase the intensity of your workouts so that you expose your muscles to new muscle building stress on a regular basis.

This is the “key” to consistent muscle gains in the gym.

What is intensity?

Intensity is simply the amount of work done within a given time period. The higher the intensity, the more stress is being put on the muscle.

So here are some "Skinny Guy Workout Fundamentals" that you really need to engrain in your head EVERYTIME you go to the gym.

Skinny Guy Workout Fundamental #1

- Do Compound Exercises

Focus on compound exercises. In fact the core foundation of your workout routine should be compound exercises.

What are compound exercises?

Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Squats are a great example. Squats work:

1.      the hamstrings (back part of your legs)

2.      quads (front part of your legs)

3.      lower back

4.      calves

5.      abdominals


"Rich, What Are The Best Muscle Building Exercises?

I recently just dug up a great video by Vince Del Monte that not only explains what the top muscle building exercises are but what you need to know about each one of them to get the most bang for your buck in the gym.

Click here to learn more tips from Vince DelMonte

On the flip side we have isolation exercises. Isolation exercises only work 1 muscle group at a time. A good example of an isolation exercise is the bicep curl. (every time I go to the gym I see alot of skinny guys who are trying to bulk up doing the absolute wrong thing, and that's doing a TON of isolation exercises like bicep curls)

Bicep curls only work 1 muscle group. Yep, you guessed it, it’s the bicep and that’s it! Other types of isolation exercises include : Leg extensions, tricep extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises.

Now lemme ask you as question?

If you wanted to build the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time which type of exercises do you think you should be focusing on.

That’s right, Compound Exercises! If you’re trying to build more muscle in the shortest amount of time, compound exercises NEED to be at the CORE of your workouts.

Compound exercises stress more muscle fibers than any isolation exercise ever could. The more muscle fibers you stress / work, the more muscle you’ll build. PERIOD.

Now before you get the wrong impression, isolation exercises do play a role in the grand scheme of things, in fact you should be doing "some" isolation exercises while you’re bulking up.

But I just want you to know just like Vince said... it’s the compound exercises that will stress the most muscle fibers during your workout which is why you should be doing a number of them (compound exercises) each and every time you workout.

Skinny Guy Workout Fundamental # 2

- Do Full Body Workouts

A full body workout is exactly what it sounds like. Working out your entire body during your workout. This is important for a number of reasons.

1. Remember, the goal of your workout is to stress as much muscle fibers as you possibly can while you’re in the gym. With that being said, does it make sense to workout only one body part a day or hit every single muscle group each time you hit the gym.

That’s right, you have to hit EVERY single muscle group EVERY single time you hit the gym in order to build the MOST amount of muscle in the least amount of time.


Well there’s a number of reasons, but let me just hit on the BIG Daddy reason –TESTOSTERONE. Yes, Testosterone “the Big Daddy hormone” when it comes to building muscle. Simply put, the more of this Big Daddy hormone your body produces the more muscle your body will build – hands down.

Did you know that when you squat (i.e. – workout your legs) you instantly increase your Testosterone levels? Yep, you do. See, when you squat you’re stressing your leg muscles not to mention wearing and tearing (and I mean really damaging) those muscles as well.

Since your leg muscles are the BIGGEST muscle group in the body, when you wear and tear so much muscle, your body says “HOLY CRAP we need to repair all that muscle and FAST". Then BAMMMM……

"...Instant Testosterone"

Since you’ll be working out your legs along with all the other muscle groups in your body every single time you go to the gym, it’s like creating an instant surge of TestosteroneEVERY time you hit the gym.

One day I told a friend of mine how I was working out. I told him I was doing full body workouts. And he turned to me and said “That’s retarded, all you need to do is train each muscle group once a day and you’ll be fine.”

Well right before I was about to blow up in his face for calling me retarded, I realized that he’s a “Naturally muscular  guy” who simply has to sneeze in order to put on muscle. So he doesn’t have to do these extra little things to FORCE his body into building muscle, it all happens naturally for him.

For the rest of us who were NOT blessed with "muscle friendly" genes like you and I, we have to do these things like full body workouts and naturally boosting our Testosterone levels every time we work out. But if you follow these fundamentals, it really doesn’t matter what kind of genes you’re born with, you’ll put on muscle fast, guaranteed.

Now compare this to a naturally skinny guy who’s NOT doing full body workouts. You two could spend the same amount of time in the gym, have the same diet plan and do everything else the same and you’ll build more muscle than him, GUARANTEED.


Because every time you go to the gym you’re spiking your Big Daddy hormone Testosterone. Which means in order for the other guy to put on the same amount muscle as you he’ll have to spend even more time in the gym doing more reps, more sets and more workouts.

Basically doing A LOT more work than he has to. So remember full body workouts means more muscle FASTER RESULTS for you, and more work and less results for those who don’t.

Skinny Guy Workout Fundamental #3

- Keep your workouts short (under 47 min.) but INTENSE.

If you want to build the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time you have to do short yet INTENSE workouts.

Why do they have to be short?

Well the main reason is because after 47 minutes of strenuous activity (i.e. – working out) your body produces the hormone Cortisol as a way to cope with the stress of your workout.

Now here’s  the main thing you need to know about Cortisol. High levels of Cortisol can change the body from an anabolic (muscle building) state to a catabolic (muscle break down) state.

That’s right, Cortisol actually breaks down muscle tissue so that your body can use it for energy. So the higher your Cortisol levels the more muscle you’re likely to "lose".

So as you can see, working out for long periods of time can actually do more harm than good. In fact, this might explain why you've been busting your butt in the gym and haven't seen the gains your were hoping for. You may have been in the gym for way too long.

Trust me, in the case of building muscle fast, especially for us naturally skinny guys LESS is definitely more. Don’t be suckered into thinking you have to stay in the gym for long periods of time in order to build muscle.

The truth is, short but INTENSE workouts are the key to super fast muscle gains. And don’t worry I’ll be showing you how to make sure your workouts are SUPER INTENSE.

So now that I've broken down your Skinny Guy Workout Fundamentals, it's at this point where I usually get the question...

"Rich, can you give me a workout plan I can follow?"

So after doing some digging I finally found a workout routine that's not only safe for you to follow but it's highly effective at building muscle fast even if you're a relative beginner. Plus it's meant for naturally skinny guys like you and me and it's a variation of the full body workout I did to help me gain 42 lbs in less than 4 months.

It's good because it meets all the criteria I touched on before:

1 - It has compound exercises at it's core

2 - It incorporates full body workouts

3 - It's short and INTENSE

I stumbled onto this video a short time ago and every time someone asks me for a simple workout plan they can follow to get going I always point them to this video because it's that effective.

Vince Del Monte's 6 Week Beginner Workout Plan

This 6 week workout program is pretty straight forward and will get you seeing results fast, especially if you're a beginner.

Personally I did not use this 6 week program, I mostly used Vince's 29 Week Workout Plan found in his No Nonsense Muscle Building Program which helped me gain 42 lbs in 4 months.

Click here to check out Vince's 29 Week Workout Plan.

The cool thing I like about this workout plan is that it's made for "naturally skinny guys" like you and me. If you ever followed a workout routine and barely saw any results from it, that's because odds are it was NOT made for someone like you (someone who has a naturally hard time building muscle).

Believe it or not but most workout plans out there were made for everyone else, guys with "muscle friendly" genes like my muscle bound friend from earlier.

So now that you have a workout plan to follow that's actually made for "naturally skinny guys" you're light years ahead of all those other guys following bad advice.

So I'll let today's lesson soak in, I know I gave you alot to chew over.

Be sure to write down that 6 week workout plan and go through today's lesson twice if you have to. Because what you do in the gym plays a HUGE role in the amount of muscle you can build.

See you tomorrow,

Richard Knight
[email protected]

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