Build Muscle Challenge 7 Day BootCamp

“My Muscle Building Formula to Super Fast Muscle Gains Revealed…”

Welcome to Day 1 of the Build Muscle Challenge 7 Day Bootcamp.

My name is Richard Knight and I'm the creator of the Build Muscle Challenge.

Mark today on your calendar, because I can personally guarantee after the next 7 days, the way you go about building muscle, gaining weight and changing your physique will NEVER be the same.

The reason why I created this 7 Day Bootcamp is because after gaining 42lb in less than 4 months, I realized I had to go threw ALOT of things that didn't work before I found what did. And to be honest I almost gave on up on my goal to "defeat my skinny genes" and build a masculine body that turns heads and demands respect.

Well after putting up a blog about my transformation I realized that ALOT of the issues that were holding me back were the same EXACT problems that's holding ALOT of other "naturally skinny" guys back. So after getting a gazillion questions on how I done it, I decided to create this bootcamp to help anybody who has a hard time building muscle or gaining weight to finally start seeing the results they're looking for AND FAST, so they don't throw in the towel like I almost did.

And in this bootcamp I'm going to reveal to you my 6 Step Formula for building muscle and seeing results faster than I did.

So today I really wanted to put you on the right track, so at the last second I decided to add this lesson, which is probably the most important lesson as well as the least "SEXY" lesson out of everything I'm going to be teaching you.

And it's basically learning your "Skinny Guy" Muscle Building Fundamentals.

Keep in mind by the end of this bootcamp you'll have a blueprint of EXACTLY what you need to do to see head turning results fast even if you're the skinniest guy in the gym, even if you have little to no gym experience and even if your previous attempts at building muscle were complete failures, by the end of these next 7 days you'll know EXACTLY what to do to get the results you want by the end of this bootcamp.

But before we can get into some of the step by step things like what workouts to do or what you should be eating, there's a few key muscle building fundamentals that you NEED to know first. This is by far one of the most important parts of muscle building.

I want you think of these fundamentals as your muscle building foundation. These fundamentals may even reveal why you haven't been able to build muscle and get bigger all this time.

Everything that you'll learn in this boot camp is based on these 3 fundamentals. And they're all part of this simple formula:

Proper Nutrition + Proper Workout + Proper Recovery
= Head Turning Results FAST

I'm not gonna lie, learning each of these fundamentals is by far the least sexy part of muscle building but just like building a house, you have to lay the foundation FIRST otherwise everything else will crumble. So I want you to REALLY take these muscle building fundamentals seriously, print them out if you have to (THEY'RE THAT IMPORTANT).

As you're going over some of these fundamentals, odds are you'll start to see why you haven't seen the results you've been looking for in the past.

So lets get started.

Fundamental #1 - Proper Muscle Building Nutrition

Proper nutrition is just as if not more important than exercising. Why? Because think of your body like a house. You can’t build that house bigger and stronger without the bricks right?

And guess what the “bricks” are when it comes to building muscle, CALORIES. And if you’re a naturally skinny guy like myself, then you’re going to have to consume A LOT of extra calories in order to build muscle and build it fast.

So let me break it down for you…

It takes approximately 3500 EXTRA calories to build 1 lb (2.2 kg)of new body mass.

And I say body mass because it ultimately depends on your genetics and where those extra calories come from that decide how much of those extra calories is converted into muscle and how much is converted into fat.

i.e. - from fats and bad carbs (like chips and soda) you’ll gain mostly fat

i.e. - from protein and good carbs (like tuna and whole wheat bread) you’ll mostly gain muscle.

It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you cannot provide your body with these extra calories on a daily basis (with the right combination of carbs, protein and fats) your body will struggle to build muscle

This might explain why you haven’t gained the muscle you’re looking for especially if you’re a "naturally" skinny guy like me and you have the mindset I once had, that all you need to do is workout and suck down a protein drink and barely eat and you’ll build slabs of muscle in a week, if so it's no wonder you haven't seen results, you're simply NOT EATING ENOUGH.

The truth is you need to consume A LOT of calories (in the right proportions) if you want to build muscle, gain weight and ultimately change your physique.

Honestly, if you're having a hard time building muscle, gaining weight or even building more strength odds are you're not eating enough.

If this sounds like you, then I highly recommend you check out Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building Coursewhich has already made meal plans you can follow to help you build more muscle. They also come with weekly grocery lists which is pretty cool if you're like me when I first started out and don't have a clue about what to buy when you step foot in the grocery store.

Fundamental #2 - Proper Workout Techniques

Proper Workout techniques is important because if you don’t understand the fundamentals of what role your workouts play in building muscle and what the main goal of your workout is, then you’re only shooting yourself in the foot and you’ll end up doing two things:

1 - Doing WAY more work than you have to, to get the results you want

2 - Spinning your wheels in the gym and NOT seeing ANY results
(and I'm pretty sure you know what this feels like)

It’s super important that you understand and apply the basic fundamentals during your workouts to get the most bang for your time and energy at the gym.

It’s your workouts that tell your body what to do with all those extra calories you’ll be consuming which is to “Build More Muscle FAST”.

Remember, even the skinniest guys can build muscle fairly quickly as long as they follow the fundamentals.

Later on we're going to discuss the #1 Goal of Your Muscle Building Workout and what EXACTLY you NEED to do to see the most gains while you're in the gym.

Fundamental #3 - Proper Recovery

Recovery is a very simple yet very important concept to grasp.

Without taking the necessary recovery breaks, your body will literally struggle to build muscle and gain weight.

"What is recovery and why is it important?"

Recovery is the repairing process your body goes through between one workout and the next.

During this time period your muscle fibers and body systems are repairing themselves, stitching up the wear and tear from your last workout session.

This process is UTTERLY CRUCIAL.

When you lift weights and you’re going through your workout, you are depleting your "entire body” not just your muscles.  As soon as you're done working out, your body begins to build itself back up again.

Believe it or not but your muscles is one of the last things your body repairs and adds more of.

Which do you think your body feels is more important to your immediate survival....?

Replenishing your immune system and balancing your hormonal system which has been put to the test by your workout or adding muscle to your biceps.

Which means your muscles takes second place to things like restoring your energy stores, repairing your nervous system, balancing your hormonal system and other crucial body systems. Not too many guys know that, which is why recovery is so important and why you need to know what you need to do in order to allow your body to recover as soon as possible so you can see results fast.

Later we’ll get into more specifics about what you should be doing OUTSIDE the gym to see impressive gains. Without proper recovery techniques your body will struggle to build new muscle and your results will suffer BIG TIME because of it.

Remember this muscle building formula for fast muscle gains

Proper Nutrition + Proper Workout + Proper Recovery
= Head Turning Results FAST

If you follow this simple equation then there's no limit to how fast you can build muscle and change your physique and start seeing results.

Read these fundamentals again, and print them out if you have to because EVERYTHING you learn from here on out is built on what you've learned today.

Before I go, I want to share with you a BIG mistake I made that I DON'T want you to make. For years I've been learning the "fundamentals" from all the wrong people and all the wrong places. Like from fitness magazines, body building websites, my naturally muscular friends and the list goes on.

The truth is, as a "naturally skinny" guy you have to do things a little different from everyone else. What may work for those guys blessed with "muscle friendly genetics" (the fitness models in the magazines, those jacked up bodybuilders on the websites, and even your "naturally" muscular friends) most often DON'T work for guys like you and me.

It was only until I learned the fundamentals from guys who are just like me, guys who are "naturally" skinny, who weren't blessed with "muscle friendly" genetics but still managed figured out how to make their muscles grow bigger and stronger just like the other guys. Which is I highly recommend you check out guys like Vince Del Monte and  Sean Nelawanyj.

I've learned ALOT from these guys and I strongly recommend you check out their sites and their techniques for building muscle. But more importantly read their story about how bad they had it when they were super skinny and what they figured out that changed everything, I think you'll be SHOCKED and the simple things they did to transform their bodies.

Stay tuned because tomorrow we get into Step 1 of my muscle building formula that helped me gain 42 lbs in 4 months, and I'm going to teach it to you so you can literally build MORE muscle and see FASTER results than I did.

See you tomorrow,

Richard Knight
[email protected]

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