30 Day Build Muscle Challenge Workout Plan
(Gain 10 lbs in 1 Month)

Are you:

  • a naturally skinny guy / "hardgainer" like me
  • struggling to gain weight and build muscle
  • tired of not seeing the results you want

If so then you owe it to yourself to download your 30 Day Build Muscle Challenge Workout Guide. This FREE training guide is critical to your success because...

  • It's designed specifically for naturally skinny guys like you and I regardless of your workout level or gym experience
  • It provides a STEP BY STEP action plan of what you need to do to see results fast with no confusion.
  • It's proven to work!!!

Inside you'll get your own...

  1. Specially Designed 30 Day FAST RESULTS Diet Plan
  2. 30 Day "10lbs in 1 Month" Workout Plan
  3. Build Muscle Challenge "Muscle Building 101" Training Guide
  4. Build Muscle Challenge Quick Start Guide

30 Day Build Muscle Challenge Workout Guide

Click here to download your FREE Muscle Building Meal Plan
& Free 30 Day Workout Plan Now

Here's just a "glimpse" of what you'll learn...

  • The Top 10 Mistakes you're doing right now that are KILLING your results and how to avoid them for fast, PERMANENT results.
  • What foods you NEED to eat to add slabs of muscle and what foods to stay away from - so you don't waste time and money stuffing your face with the WRONG foods
  • When and what to eat while bulking for MAXIMUM muscle growth - so your muscles never go hungry and continually are growing
  • How often you "REALLY" need eat to see the MOST MUSCLE Gains from your diet - so you'll NEVER question how much food you should be eating each day to reach your goal
  • How to spike your hormone levels at strategic times for fast muscle gains - so you can see Super Fast results with minimum effort
  • How often you "REALLY" need to work out (weight training and cardio) - so you can see how much "lifting" and cardio you REALLY should be doing and how little time you actually need to spend at the gym to get the results you want
  • What exercises you NEED to perform to stimulate the most muscle growth - so you can know EXACTLY which exercises tack on the most muscle so you'll never feel lost at the gym again
  • What type of workouts you should be doing in the gym so you see more muscle while spending less time in the gym than anyone else - I reveal how I was able to work out less and see MORE results than anyone else in the gym.
  • What supplements you NEED, which ones you don’t, what to look for when you’re buying supplements, what to avoid, which ones are a waste of money …
  • Everything you NEED to do OUTSIDE THE GYM to see consistent muscle and strengths in between workout sessions - I'll share my closely guarded secrets to waking up to new muscle each and every morning (while I was outside the gym)
  • How to increase your "Big Daddy Muscle Building Hormone" on demand for explosive gains - MORE Testosterone = MORE muscle, I'll show you how to easily boost your Testosterone levels on demand for explosive gains
  • How to control the "#1 Muscle Eating Hormone" in your body with a simple little trick - you'll NEVER fall victim to this hormone (that's probably keeping you skinny as we speak) ever again once I reveal this little golden nugget
  • ... and a whole lot more

Click here to download your FREE Muscle Building Meal Plan
& Free 30 Day Workout Plan Now

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