How to Trigger HUGE Muscle Gains

In order to trigger huge muscle gains it all starts with the muscle building formula:

Proper Nutrition + Intense Workouts + Rest & Recovery = Muscle Gains

but in order to see rapid results in trigger huge muscle gains fast you need some secret sauce.

You need to PRIME your body.

In order for you to know what I'm talking about let's first go over. Why does your body grow?
And it’s simple.

Your body grows because it's adapting to stress.

A runner's lungs expands (adapts) in response to the stress of running and needing to take bigger breaths A weight lifters muscle grow (adapts) in response to the stress of lifting heavy weights The more shocking the stress the faster the results

Ever wonder why if you take someone whose never worked out a day in their life and put them on a weight gain diet and intense workout plan will see HUGE muscle gains compared to someone whose been training consistently for months?

The reason is because the stress of an intense workout plan a weight gain diet is way more shocking, someone who hasn't done it before, than it is to someone who's been training for awhile.

So with that said, in order to prime your body you need to send it in the other direction first, so the stress of an intense muscle building workout plan and weight gain diet feels more SHOCKING to it.

Think of a see-saw.

The further you are from the middle the higher you'll go once force is applied to the other end.

Well your body works the same way.

By priming your body first, all you're doing is putting you body in a "deficit" / catabolic / fat loss state before you put it in an "anabolic" (muscle building) state.

If you do this right, the effects can be down right shocking. There's actually a guide that explains this concept in far more detail than I can in this article.

It's called the Anabolic Amplifier Effect

So if you want to learn how to trigger huge muscle gains very quickly than you definitely want to check this guide out.

This was definitely a real eye opener for me…. So I know you’ll enjoy it.

I’m not sure if it’s still up, but you can try to download it at:

Train hard,