How to Perform “Proper” Muscle Building Workouts

Are you "Really" working out?

Just because you go to the gym and you're amongst the weights and machines does not mean you're working out.

Just because you lifted a weight up and down a few times doesn't mean you're going to get "JACKED".

If you're busting your butt in the gym, struggling to see results and watching all your hard work go down the drain than you might not be working out properly.

Here are 4 things your workout must have in order to build muscle:

Muscle Building Workout Tip #1: Intensity

Your workout must be challenging, and what to want me my “challenging”?When your muscles are struggling to complete the last rep of an exercise, in your mind forces it to keep going, that's what I mean by challenging.

(a lot of guys aren’t willing to consistently push themselves to this point and their results or lack thereof show for it)

You have to expose your muscles to stress it has never dealt with before (this is true for each and every workout).

You can expose your muscles to the new stress by:

  • adding More weight
  • Shorter rest periods
  • Different sequence of exercises

Just make sure each and every workout is intense.

Muscle Building Workout Tip# 2: Track Your Workouts

You need to track the progress of your workouts.

Why is tracking so important?

  • Because it allows you to speed up your workout by knowing what you did the workout before
  • Lets you know when you need to change it up (i.e. - increase)
    • ex: if your goal was 8 reps and you hit 7 the week before you know you're not ready to move up but if you hit 8 reps last week, you know it's time to up the weight a little bit

Muscle Building Workout Tip# 3: Quick

If you want to gain muscle fast your workouts have to be quick, preferably less than an hour.


Because the longer you workout in the gym the higher your Cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced when your body is under stress. One of the effects of cortisol is atrophy “the eating away of your muscles”. So the longer you stay in the gym the higher your cortisol levels.

Which is why it's so important to make sure your workout (weight training sessions) last no more than an hour.

Muscle Building Workout Tip #4: Proper Form ALL the Time

First, learn how to perform your exercises the correct way.
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Once you learned how to do the exercises the correct way and you've practiced how to do them the correct way, if you're still struggling odds are you're using a weight that's too heavy.

Yes, you have to pick a weight that's "challenging" but you can't sacrifice form either. If you're not using proper form and technique then you're not "really" working out.

  • You increase your risk of injury
  • You're not "hitting" / targeting the right muscles

Here's an example of what not to do look at how bad this guys form is

**** Video of What NOT TO DO ****

Please don't be this guy. Make sure you're using proper form for EVERY rep on EVERY exercise remember, the muscle building formula:

Proper Nutrition + Intense Workouts + Rest & Recovery = Muscle Gains

These tips are important because you workouts are a huge component in the muscle building formula. Without proper workouts.

You literally spend weeks and months or even years without getting the results you want.

So use these tips, start hitting the weights and get the results you want.

Train hard,