How to Increase Your Appetite and Increase Your Muscle Gains

Man if I had a dime for every time I heard this question. I'd be able to fill my fridge with food many times over.

FACT: The more calories you consume the more muscle you'll build
FACT: If you can find a way to squeeze in more calories each day you'll build more muscle

Do you want to know the #1 reason why most guys bust their butts in the gym day in and day out
and don't see any results?

It’s BECAUSE they aren't consuming enough calories. PERIOD

When I tell guys how much food (calories) they should be consuming on a daily basis they say "GEEZE, I have to eat all that, NO WAY, I have a tiny appetite"

While I was bulking up and gained 42lbs in 4 Months, I had a tiny appetite too. But over time I noticed that I could actually do things that helped me increase my appetite so I can consume more calories each day and that's how I gained 42lbs in 4 months.

So if you’re struggling to build muscle and you know it's because you're having a hard time downing all those calories, here are 5 tips to help you.

This is a big problem most guys have when they start out. In fact, I remember when I was giving one of my cousin's advice on what to eat to build muscle, and his jaw literally dropped saw how much you should be eating in order to gain weight and change his physique.

The truth is your regular 3 meals a day isn't going to cut it when it comes to building muscle fast.

If you can't consume the necessary calories each day then you WILL NOT see significant muscle gains so here are….

4 Tips to help you eat 6 meals per day even if you don't have a big appetite:

How to Increase Your Appetite Tip #1: Scale Your Diet

  • Start off with how much you can handle in the beginning
  • Each week or every few days increase the amount of food you consume in each meal
  • Don't expect to go from a tiny "little girl" regular diet to a BIG BOY MUSCLE BUILDING overnight
  • Give your stomach a chance to expand and metabolism a chance to rev up so you can eventually consume more calories

How to Increase Your Appetite Tip #2: Drink More H2O

It is downright shocking and how much water most guys drink throughout the day.

Not only are they not drinking enough to help them build muscle, dear not drinking enough water PERIOD.

Here are just a few quick reasons why you should drink more water everyday:

  • Water is essential to digestion
  • without water you CANNOT digest food
  • The more water in your system the easier and faster it is for your enzymes to break food down into nutrients

So be sure to drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water each and everyday to help speed up your digestion. And to speedup your digestion a little more be sure to drink a glass of water between each meal.

How to Increase Your Appetite Tip #3: Eat more fiber

Believe it or not, but fiber has several muscle building benefits.


  • helps you digest food faster
  • helps you absorb more nutrients from food (helps food stay in your intestines)
  • faster you digest food the faster your stomach can digest the next meal

(that's why alot of professional bodybuilders use digestive enzymes - the faster you get food out the faster you can get food in)

How to Increase Your Appetite Tip #4: Stay on Schedule

If you want to increase your appetite you have to stay consistent, which means EAT YOUR MEALS when you're supposed to.

Your body adapts to routines, when you're consistent you get your body into the routine of accepting food at a certain time

VERY IMPORTANT: “My body is so used to getting a meal every 2.5 hrs, that when I don't get any nutrients my body says "Oh crap, what's going on?!?!?!?!" and I start to get headaches and rapidly growing hunger pains.

And that's where you should be, your body should be so used to consuming nutrients every 2.5 hours, when it doesn't get is nutrients during that time bells and sirens should sound off within your body to tell you to HURRY UP AND EAT

Consuming the right amount of calories are crucial to building muscle fast. If your previous meal is still sitting in your stomach by the time you're ready to eat meal number two in your results will severely suffer.

So print these tips out if you need to because they're that an important.

Now go out there, and EAT AND GROW MASSIVE

Train hard,