Can I Gain Weight If I…..?

Question from reader: “can i gain weight if i attend gym and judo as well?”

Short answer: YES.... BUT

The reason why I liked this question is because a lot of guys are into a lot of different activities. And they want to build muscle.

So if you want to build muscle and you do another activity like soccer, running, swimming, football or any other physically intensive activity then today's post is for you.

Now before I dive into fully answering this really good question. We have to go back to...

Muscle Building 101

Remember, in order to build muscle. You need to consume more calories than your body burns. The fact is, the more activity your body performs, the more calories it will burn…

THUS the more calories you'll have to consume in order to have an excess of calories that your body can use to build muscle.

If you attend gym and judo you can still build muscle and gain weight but you'll have to consume more calories than you normally would if you weren't doing your extra activities, Judo.

The reason is because ... all that "extra" activity (judo) is burning precious calories that your body needs to build muscle.

It can be done, I mean look at all these NFL players, many of them are hard gainers. And they do tons of cardio, drills and other training, and they still build muscle even though they're burning all these calories doing all these extra activities.

And the reason why, because they eat TONS of food to make up for it.

So to answer your question:

YES, you can build muscle even though you attend the gym and judo but just know you'll have to eat ALOT more food.

Remember, it's all an equation.

At the end of the day to gain weight and build muscle you need to consume more calories than your body burns.

The more activity you perform, the more calories you'll burn... the more calories (food) you'll have to consume to make up for all those calories you burn.

In other words, prepare to eat like a horse.

Train hard,