Building Muscle Without Supplements

Can you really build muscle and get huge without supplements?

Yes you can!!!

If you think otherwise, either you've fallen for the hype that these supplement companies are selling you or you really don't understand the significant role whole foods have on the body.

Why whole foods are actually better than supplements? for starters whole foods are packed with nutrients, and unlike supplements whole foods aren't packed with preservatives and weird "man made" chemicals.

Plus don't forget your body was designed to break down whole foods (foods that are created by nature).

Reminder: You DON'T NEED Supplements to Build Muscle

Supplements are only "essential" at certain throughout the day when it's impractical to consume whole foods.

For example: right after your workout - Consuming Whey Protein is way more effective (will hit your muscles faster) then eating 6 - 10 eggs, or downing 5 tall glasses of milk right after your workout.

(you’d probably puke if you had to down all of that RIGHT after a workout)

Supplements are also ideal as a "Meal Backup" - an emergency meal alternative you can consume or quickly down when you're not able to have a "real" meal.

So please remember: “You DON’T NEED Supplements to Build Muscle”

Yes supplements make things alot more convenient but you don't NEED them to build muscle.

In fact, if you don't believe me. I highly recommend you try my 30 Day Build Muscle Challenge without taking supplements and if you follow it to the "T" I guarantee you'll see results, and it’ll literally open your eyes to the true power of what a proper muscle building diet can do.

So stop thinking supplements is the key to building muscle because it's not! I used to think this way, and trust me I've seen far better results when I focused on following a proper muscle building diet rather than what's the next super duper supplement coming out.

The truth is, as great as you may think supplements are they can't “replace” a proper muscle building diet.

So put this article down and start chowing down on some proper muscle building food.

Train hard,