Are Muscle Building Supplements Better Than Eating Right???

Question: Are muscle building Supplements better than just eating right?


SUPER IMORTANT: “Supplements Are NOT Better Than Just Eating Right”

Reasons Why Eating Right is Better Than Supplements

Reason #1: Most Muscle Building Supplements Are Loaded With Preservatives and Man Made Chemicals

Most muscle building supplements are composed of tons of preservatives and hard to pronounce man-made chemicals.

These chemicals are added to supplements for safety, to improve their appearance and to extend the shelf life of these goods.

These additives can have negative reactions within the body, in fact, there are several preservatives and additives that have been linked to various kinds of cancer and ailments.

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Reason #2 - Your Body is Designed to Break Down FOOD!

When talking about consuming supplements or consuming food, your body was not designed to break down artificial (man made) substances.

There are certain things in supplements that your body may not be able to digest properly or effectively. Which means these things can possibly past through your system with no muss so building value, or nutritional value whatsoever.

And worse, they CAN possibly cause subtle yet harmful side effects once they go through the chemical reactions found in a digestive system, like skin rashes, bowel disorders and palpitations, dermatitis, eczema, etc.

Reason #3: Vitmains, Minerals and Free Radicals

Free radicals are tiny unstable particles that attack healthy cells in an attempt to become balanced and stable by trying to steal electrons which causes damage to good cells.

Whole foods contain vitamins and minerals which prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on your healthy cells. Which means food provides much more nutrient value as well as muscle building value then supplements, and it also promotes a healthy environment within your body.

Now don't think I'm bashing supplements, they definitely have their place when it comes to building muscle.

The Main Problem is When People Try to REPLACE Their Diet with Muscle Building Supplements.

Remember, supplements were meant to assist (supplement) your diet. In other words your supplements are more for convenience and practicality, (not to replace proper eating habits)

Supplements provide certain nutrients and various combinations of nutrients at peak times whereas if you tried to get them from whole food sources it would be very difficult and impractical.

Supplements make it easier to consume the right combination of nutrients at the right time, like right before, during and right after your workouts.

So stop feeding into the hype of all the supplement companies. You don't need muscle building supplements to grow. Supplements cannot replace proper eating habits and a proper well-balanced diet.

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