Anabolic Cooking Review – Is It Worth The Money or A Bunch of *HYPE*?

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Anabolic Cooking

Hi future buff guy,

My name is Richard Knight and if you’ve stumbled onto this page then odds are you read about or heard about Anabolic Cooking and you're not sure if it's a good fit for you or if it you should even try it.

If that's the case then this Anabolic Cooking Review is just for you because in the next few minutes you'll learn what Anabolic Cooking "really" is, what it promises, what it actually delivers and if it's really worth coughing up a few bucks for.

I actually own Anabolic Cooking and when it comes to building muscle I know a thing or two about how important proper nutrition is and what foods and portions really build muscle. I learned alot of this when I went through my own muscle building transformation. Just so you feel safe that I'm a person who knows what they're talking about here is my transformation story and my transformation pics:

I think nutrtion is VERY important when it comes to building muscle so in this review I’m going to give you the stone cold "NO B.S." truth about Anabolic Cooking.... the good, bad and the ugly.

And by the end you’ll know know everything you need to know in order to pick it up for yourself and start building muscle if it’s right for you or forget about it if it’s not.

Here goes....

What Is Anabolic Cooking "Really"???

Dave Ruel - Author of Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic Cooking is a cook book created by Fitness Coach and Nutritionist Dave Ruel also known as the “Muscle Cook” throughout the muscle building community.

Anabolic Cooking is one of a very few cookbooks designed for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and those who are trying to build muscle and transform their body.

As a matter of fact Anabolic Cooking is a cook book "specifically" designed for people actually trying to “bulk up” and build muscle rather than slim down and lose weight which seems to be the case for most people out there.

How Can Anabolic Cooking Help You Get Bigger And Stronger... FASTER

Dave Ruel stated that “nutrition is directly responsible for more than 80% of your results, whether your goal is to build muscle or lose body fat”. As a result he created Anabolic Cooking with:

  • Over 200 “Muscle Building” Recipes - which`according to Dave are all full of flavor, designed to promote muscle building and can be prepared in minutes.
  • Done-For-You Meal Plans - this is where Dave tells you what to eat and when to eat and how to prepare all of your meals so there's no guesswork of what your next meal is going to be
  • A Virtual Cooking Class - so you can learn how to read recipes, different cutting techniques and other simple but essential cooking skills
  • His Best Post Workout Nutrition “tactics” - so you can apparently get better results from what you eat after you workout
  • Tips You Can Follow if You’re On a Budget - so you don’t actually burn a hole in your wallet by following what Dave calls "Smart Grocery Shopping"

Dave Ruel is committed to the belief that nutrition is a big part in getting results which is why he created Anabolic Cooking with all these ingredients. My guess is because he wants to make the “nutrition part” of your fitness goals as simple as possible by trying taking out all the guess work for you.

What Are You "Really" Getting With Anabolic Cooking

Despite what you might think, Anabolic Cooking is more than just a “cookbook”. Anabolic Cooking seems to become more of a hybrid between cookbook / muscle building nutrition guide when you look at everything it comes with:

  • The Anabolic Cookbook - that contains over 200 muscle building recipes that’ll take all the guess work out of how prepare tasty meals that promotes muscle growth.
  • The Complete Nutrition & Cooking Quickstart Guide - this guide is designed to help you hit the ground “running” and start seeing results immediately
  • Anabolic Meal Plans for Lean Muscle Mass -  these are included so you’ll apparently NEVER have to “guess” what to eat next in order to build muscle
  • Optimum Maximizer Advanced Calorie Calculator - this is a calculator that was created to show you EXACTLY how many calories, proteins, carbs and fats you “really” need to grow bigger and stronger.

Dave has also added some Exclusive Bonuses when you buy Anabolic Cooking which includes:

  • The Anabolicious Post Workout Shake Recipe Book - this recipe book will allow you to take INSTANT advantage of your CRUCIAL post workout window that’s so key to your muscle gains
  • The “Ugly Truth About Supplements” Special Report - this special report exposes some very "interesting" things about  supplements and the companies that promote them. It's a pretty eye opening report that anyone who buys supplements should read.
  • The Anabolic Cooking Training and Food Log - keeping track of your food intake and training progress is critical to your muscle growth, these training and food logs make it easier for you to see results from week in and week out from all your hardwork.
  • Unlimited Updates for Life - Dave added this in to ensure that you’re constantly adding new meals and nutrition tips to your arsenal so you’re constantly growing.

The Best Part About Anabolic Cooking

Post Workout Shake RecipesWhat I like most about Anabolic Cooking is that you don’t have to be a WHIZ in the kitchen to follow the recipes. After going through the majority of the recipes myself, most of the recipes in Anabolic Cooking in fact can be completed in 5 steps or less.

I think for a cook book geared toward “guys”, making the recipes as simple as possible is pretty important because most guys (like myself) don’t naturally know their way around the kitchen.

The second thing I like most about Anabolic Cooking is that it goes over Post Workout Nutrition. Not only is “proper” Post Workout Nutrition ESSENTIAL to muscle gains, but I know it’s a big problem for alot of guys because one of the most popular topics amongst my subscribers is “What do I eat after my workout?” (Post Workout Nutrition)

Which is why I like the fact that Dave includes actual Post Workout recipes that you can follow after each of your workouts.

The Not So Good Part About Anabolic Cooking

There’s a formula that I follow when  it comes to building muscle and it’s:

Proper Nutrition + Intense Workouts + Rest & Recovery = Muscle Gains

Which means in order to see the best results with Anabolic Cooking you MUST exercise effectively. So if you’re looking for a workout plan of some sort, Anabolic Cooking is not for you. Anabolic Cooking strictly focuses on the nutrition side of muscle building not the workouts.

So if a workout plan is what you're looking for then Anabolic Cooking probably isn't for you.

Should You “Really” Get Anabolic Cooking???

If you’re on the fence and considering trying Anabolic Cooking for yourself, I highly recommend that you “at least” give it a shot. The recipes are very straight forward and simple, there are meal plans that are already done for you.... which means no more guess work, it gives you actual post workout recipes (which is an essential part of building muscle if you ask any serious weight lifter) that are simple and easy to follow and it's only 47 bucks.

Worst case scenario, you have a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to try it out and see if it works for you. If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with it you can send it back and get a full refund within 48 hours.

So if you want to build muscle and transform your body and you understand that the only way you're going to reach your goals is with proper muscle building nutrition  but you’re not sure what you should be eating to get the results you want then I highly recommend you download Anabolic Cooking.

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